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London_guide is a person who loves London a lot and wants to write and write on this beautiful city a lot of hubs. Please send him some interesting hub requests relating to anything in London and he will definitely try to give answers to your requests by creating hubs, as he has started loving hubpages as he loves London.

Also, London Guide is a Robotics student and shares information about robotics and electronics. He also loves exploring knowledge about outer space and learning about black holes.

Besides all these things, London Guide loves to be fit and healthy. He loves working out at home instead of going to gym. He has recently bought a home gym for routine workouts. According to his experience, a person must do exercise on a regular basis to keep himself fit. This is the reason why he has learned some easy to do exercises that can be done without the use of any gym equipment and can be done anywhere and everwhere. The most popular exercises which comes in this category are push ups. Though there are many other workout techniques which London_Guide will share will all of you in his upcoming hubs. He has published his first hub answering a question at hubpages, "Tips for Pefect Abs".

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