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Lora Hollings profile image

Lora Hollings

Joined 9 years ago. Last activity 8 weeks ago.




Hello, I'm Lora Hollings.
I did this hub because I want to share my love and admiration of cats with you. I do feel that cats have a spirituality, and that they can help us to focus on this in ourselves, too, by their calming presence and their contentment in just being around us.

I was a language arts teacher for middle school students and an English teacher for high school students until I started becoming increasingly interested in poetry and creative writing. After studying and dabbling in this art, I taught creative writing to students at several community colleges and always enjoyed the creativity that I would see in many of their writings. About the same time, (especially when I adopted my cats) I started becoming more cognizant of animals emotionally complex lives and the strong bonds that they are able to forge with their caretakers. Then I adopted dogs too, and I realized that my cats and dogs could teach me much about life, love, and happiness.

Realizing then how wonderful animals were and witnessing the way so many of them are treated, (as if their lives had no value) I became very interested in animal rights and advocacy. Now, I feel that as a human I am much more complete. With this hub, I'm endeavoring to combine two of the things I love most- my love for animals and my love of writing. I feel empathy for other sentient beings can bring out the more intuitive, reflective, and creative side of our nature. I feel that all my animals have had a great impact on the way I now think, and that it has opened up in me new ways of looking at things, in seeing more potential in myself and in others. May be it's because they listen to us and accept us for who we are. So instead of trying to fit in with someone else's notion of who we should be, we can use our energy to tune in to ourselves as spiritual beings and finally discover who we were meant to be.

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