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    A New Day Has Come

    16 months ago

    Life is full of new beginnings as we endeavor to find love, fulfillment, and happiness again. Change can be difficult but it can also lead to a greater destiny. I hope that you enjoy my article on a new beginning.

  • 26

    The Ladybug's Birthday Party

    2 years ago

    This article is my response to a word prompt by Brenda Arledge. The word prompt is life. I've chosen to highlight Birthdays as a way to celebrate life as they serve to mark the passage of time and because they represent important milestones in our lives too.

  • 30

    For the Love of Horses

    3 years ago

    Throughout the ages, horses have been used by mankind in his battles, for ploughing fields, and transporting goods and people. Horses have also been cherished by people as loyal companions. The following poem is about a woman and her feelings for her most faithful friend, her horse.

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    Humpty Dumpty Couldn't Be Put Together Again- A Poem About Emotional Abuse

    2 years ago

    This poem is about emotional abuse and the long lasting damages it can have on a child's life through adulthood and even beyond.

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    A Ladybug's Wisdom

    3 years ago

    I hope that you enjoy my series of ladybug poems. These are poems for children and adults that pay tribute to the humble little ladybug as she teaches us to be true to ourselves, to be kind to others, appreciate the beauty of the earth, and find contentment in life’s simple joys.

  • 55

    There's a Ladybug in My Bed

    3 years ago

    A ladybug, in her nightly visits, takes a little girl on a dream filled journey to a magical town of ladybugs. One who is charmingly eccentric dazzles you with her fashionable clothes while one owns a bakery and can make exquisite pastries... another has a house with so many stairs you lose count.

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    A Ladybug of Culture

    4 years ago

    I hope that you enjoy my poem about a ladybug prodigy. "She had a great knowledge of opera, could classify all species of Lepidoptera. In figuring out chess moves, she proved astute and loved to play Debussy on the flute."

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    What the Ladybug Whispered

    3 years ago

    I hope that you enjoy my series of ladybug poems. These are poems for children and adults that pay tribute to the humble little ladybug as she teaches us to celebrate our lives, express our individuality, to reflect upon the beauty of nature, and about the boundless potential of the human spirit.

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    The Ballad of the Music Student

    4 years ago

    A music student recalls her experience playing at a piano recital under the watchful eye of the great composer himself, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

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    The Ladybug Queen Poem

    2 months ago

    This article celebrates Valentine's Day with a special poem about showing love for all life on earth as we read about a ladybug queen who tends to her garden and lives by a simple creed to help those who are in need.

  • 40

    The Magic of Being-Helping Children To Be Happy With Who They Are

    4 years ago

    Every child is unique and very special and I sincerely hope that this article will impress upon us as parents, teachers, and all who come into contact with our children that we can help them see what a precious gift life is and to feel good about themselves.

  • 34

    Angels as Guides for Living

    4 years ago

    Through inspiring pictures, a poem relating a story about an angel and a message she brings, a poem about giving and the blessings we receive, and quotes about angels, I hope that this article will truly inspire readers to see that angels can be our guides for living on earth.

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    The Gift of Love

    24 months ago

    Through poetry, inspiring quotes by spiritual leaders, and videos that show the capacity for love in other species, I hope that you will enjoy my article on the power of love.

  • 27

    A Paradise Forsaken

    4 years ago

    This poem is about our destructive habits which are killing our beautiful planet and threatening vital ecosystems which we depend on for our survival. Are we going to let our beautiful planet turn into a wasteland as we continue to do nothing to alter our actions?

  • 21

    A Special Treat for Halloween

    2 years ago

    This Halloween treat includes a poem, gingerbread ghost cookies, healthy kid snacks and treats for parties, fun Fall and Halloween crafts and a Halloween jumble word puzzle!

  • 29

    Whoever Shall I Be On Halloween? - A Poem

    4 years ago

    This is a poem about Halloween costumes and all the people who I could possibly be- Cleopatra, a 1920's flapper, and a most famous dancer! I hope you find much fun in reading my poem and listening to Cab Calloway's famous song, "Minnie the Moocher."

  • 44

    A Tribute to Nature

    4 years ago

    This poem is part of a collection of poetry that I have written as a tribute to nature. The following poem is about a little deer born on a beautiful spring day whose senses are keen to all the life around him and the bond between him and his mother.

  • 36

    Little Oliver Cory Who Reached for the Stars

    4 years ago

    This poem is about bullying and how a boy doesn't let it defeat him. Instead he goes on to accomplish what he set out to do.

  • 30

    A Poem That Celebrates Diversity

    19 months ago

    This is a poem that pays tribute to the individual. What makes our society great is our diversity, our unique gifts and talents that contribute to a richer and fuller existence and a better world.

  • 22

    Inspiring Poems About Fathers

    3 years ago

    Through poetry and quotes, this article expresses the significant role that fathers play in our lives. Fathers give love, guidance, feelings of self-worth and a moral compass by which to live.

  • 13

    Inspiring Poems About Daughters

    2 years ago

    These poems are a tribute not only to my daughter but to the children of the world. They honor children for the beauty that is in their hearts and souls.

  • 10

    Mothers Guide us Throughout Life

    6 weeks ago

    Through art, poetry, quotes and songs, this article celebrates a mother's healing touch to her children. With their nurturing love, they help us to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  • 15

    Inspiring Poems About Mothers

    5 weeks ago

    These poems honor mothers for the contribution they give to their children's lives. Mothers nurture our bodies, minds, and souls. By providing us with a loving and safe environment in which to grow, they cultivate psychological health and enable us to realize our full potential.

  • 17

    Simple Acts of Kindness

    16 months ago

    We may not be able to control everything in our lives, but we can make the choice to be kind to others thereby creating a more loving world for all.

  • 13

    The Trophy Hunter's Prize

    4 years ago

    A poem that exposes the twisted mentality of the trophy hunter and this blood sport from the animals’ perspective.

  • 18

    The House on Fourth Street

    2 years ago

    This article is about a woman whose visits to an old house lead to an unexpected encounter with the supernatural.

  • 10

    The Child in the Mirror

    4 years ago

    This story is about a woman who frequently sees an image of a child in the mirror. In the story, we learn about her past, her present, her desires and her reflections as she returns to the home that she grew up in. Who is the child in the mirror? You as the reader can come to your own conclusion.

  • 64

    Ghosts from the Past

    3 years ago

    Who are these ghosts from the past? Ourselves at different stages of our lives, the people we loved, and the memories left behind of those we cherished.

  • 48

    The Lady and the Cowboy

    2 years ago

    I think that alot of us have always had a sort of romantic notion of cowboys. Away from the peering eyes of society and trappings of a more conventional life, these individuals symbolize adventure, independence, and a free spirit which have always captured our imaginations and fascination.

  • 14

    To A Beautiful Soul

    3 years ago

    This hub is about expressing our deep love for those close to us who have passed on and their eternal existence not only in our hearts but in a spiritual form that we can sense.

  • 30

    The Silence- A Social Commentary

    2 years ago

    The Silence is an urgent call to change our mindset and the way we live. Our society, like a deck of cards, will tumble and fall if we don't face the truth about ourselves and change our old ways of thinking and living, now. Finally, the truth that we have denied for so long will at last be heard.

  • 43

    The Cruelty of Dolphin Captivity

    2 years ago

    Through a combination of videos, my story/poem, and highlights from the academy award winning documentary "The Cove,"I hope that my article will educate people on how they can help dolphins. I hope it inspires people, too, when they see an awesome film of dolphins who are free accompanied by lovely...

  • 63

    Our Spiritual Connection With Cats

    14 months ago

    There is a spiritual bond between cats and their owners. This article features charming poems, information on cat welfare issues, how we can help cats in our communities, and good resources for humane education programs in schools.


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