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Hello!!! My name is Lorenzo! I am a owner of a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education K-8. I am also a writer/contributor for 411mania.com's MMA Zone. I believe in hard work and perseverance! The human is capable if willing to accomplish any desire imaginable.

I enjoy the great outdoors! I love to hike and frequently hike the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, Texas. I love fishing and have a great passion for traditional archery. More than anything, I enjoy reading and writing; especially, with my children. I find myself having a great drive for exploring our human history and love for the arts. Through my work, I will share with you my knowledge, creative intuition, and love for our world.

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  • Guilty Only Of Love

    Guilty Only Of Love

    20 months ago

    A man is confounded by the tragic events revolving around his marriage. In, perhaps, a moment of calculated rage or not, he finds resolve in his actions while boarding a train out of Chicago.

  • Why Three Branches of Government?

    Why Three Branches of Government?

    5 years ago

    In 1787 our forefather came together and wrote the constitution for the country; by doing so our forefathers created a governing system that had really yet not existed. Having legislative, judicial, and executive...

  • Basics of Bobcat Hunting

    Basics of Bobcat Hunting

    5 years ago

    The bobcat is one of North America's wild cats and has for centuries roamed the vast continent. The bobcat (lynx rufus) is an elusive predator and makes for some challenging hunting for those who enjoy hunting...