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Hey, welcome to loua's HubPages... You will find loua to be a sophisticated mentor on the philosophy and rhetoric of science and the mysticism behind the metaphysics that mannifest the physical expressions of consciousness witnessed as the reality of the universe we occupy... Lou delves into the future thought needed to evolve humanity...

Come visit loua.hubpages.com, read and listen to the words of thought Lou provides, your senses will be aroused, you will be more informed and prepared to reason your choices and decisions... Let Lou know your thoughts; read awhile and relax in the story of his words.... Open your mind to the thoughts he presents that you might find harmony in yourself and throughout your life...

When it comes to eductaion loua has a diverse background in the arts, sciences, and engineering. He is a stoic by nature a Libra of the cosmos and activist at heart. loua's philosophy is, "A force(thought) in motion stays in motion a force(thought) at rest stay at rest, as perfection is evolution from that which is created; for consciousness is thought being, as manifestion is thought animation..."

Work experience for loua was a rather eclectic measure of human genome comprehension, he experienced the construction industry, the nuclear power industry, the oil industry, and regulatory compliance as a geologist / environmental programs manager dealing with budgets, programs and projects; He also was a combat medic and O.R. technician in the military... That all being said here is loua's monologue on his rhyme and reason for writing about the philosophy and rhetoric he is so attuned to...

Why I Write What I Write About: Do you ever feel like you must do something just because? Well, that is the journey (course and path) I am on. I love to love this world I am in, but I believe there is a need for a new life paradigm to definine the dialectic of the rhetoric needed to evolve the human genome. My intention is to create the blueprints for the goal (objective and plan); which will provide a new world manifestation paradigm. It will require pointing out the shortcomings of humanity - its obsolete and inappropriate social structures, its ineffective government, and its corrupt economics; which are all caused by a lack of Democratic Governance functioning as a Sovereign Citizenry with a Self Ruling Republic strategy. For the most part, I provide an insight of a new paradigm of a reality-perception, objective and perspective for a better world involving the public in a governance process that is inclusive (selfless civility).

The paradigm dialectic mechanism option for standardization I present is beneficial to all; and the paradigm especially improves the wealth of the working class, those who sustain the worth of human value...

Having stated my objective and motive the remainder is the plan for relating the material presented to the individual senses of all personal feelings and awareness identity levels so the readers see the way the insight I am here to provide can be used to improve their life experience. The thread of understanding I convey throughout my work is that each of us is a microcosm composing the whole cosmos. Each of us is an epitome, a perfect example of each and every particular quality or type of purpose, motive and intent found in the universe. This occurs because of the fundamental sameness of all being (energy, nature and spirit) which we are part of and is the All of existence...

The intent of the information I provide is to give a perspective for a new perception to derive a better new world reality by making human-beings more aware of their spiritual capacity (ability and potential), thus responsibility to seek the evolution of their perfection.

How I came to write: As a small child I grasped I was not on the same wavelength the people I encountered, my parents included, there was a fundamental difference in perception. As I grew and witnessed life's experiences, I always felt as though I was looking from the outside into the reality I was placed.

I felt like I was a stranger in this land of humans; I felt like an outsider and a pawn. I did not want to be a pawn - I thought I was special. I sensed that my vision of existence was more sensitive, more inclusive (selfless civil) than what I witnessed around me. Society acted and reacted as though it was the primary purpose of being (the matter of thought energy and the universe). My frame of reference was outside this human box or forest of thought which supposed that physical survival was the only purpose for our existence. I knew existence was not about me or the physical world; I knew it was about our species, a humanity of thought energy as souls, experiencing the physical plane of existence, as we pilot the avatar of existence on the course, journey and path creating the globe of existence from our manifestations of desire, emotion, and will for the perfection of self in the All.

I was intrigued and baffled at the same time by the experiences I witnessed as I watched the people of this humanity manipulate themselves as though humanity was a commodity for sale rather than the end designing the ways and means for its perfection. I did not understand the negative emotional stress I witnessed in my family, friends, and neighbors nor did I understand the feelings I had about my own reality.

I did not understand the negative attitudes of a less than selfless desire; nor the behavioral selfishness of human-will that prevailed in every aspect of the environment I was witnessing. - I did not want to be poor, and have an alcoholic for a father. I did not want him to die when I was 12; but my family was not wealthy and my father died - this result was set in motion well before I was ever born. This is a key point (it is developed in my upcoming book) its indication is: If change is to occur in the future it needs to begin now.

"If change is to occur in the future it needs to begin now." Politicians like to use this phrase, I have heard it plenty over the years when they would tell of their vision for the next generation; but history still repeats itself, because they lied then and they lie now. They are users that seek selfish gratification of their egos at anyone's expense. That is my take on the reality I have been shown and experienced.

The early years: The good or positive side of my early experience is, my dad taught me how to fight and survive before his passing... - He made me want to perform like some kind of super boy, but I sensed it was not possible, so I resigned myself to find out what my purpose was to be, my path, what future my vision would produce.

Many hurt feelings ensued as I was prepared for my father's passing... A series of events sealed his fate: heart attacks, surgeries, and the final exhaustive physical decline brought on by his negative choices, taken from the shallow buck of social intelligence that still persist today... I write to give light to the critical thought need to change the negative-repetition, routine and habit of humanity, because I witnessed my father deteriorate in body, mind, and soul before my eyes; now I want to shed light on the cure for such human decline and facilitate a mechanism that will not allow the diminution of the human spirit by self imposed ignorance... Humanity has not yet learned to heed its own conscience - I will train humanity how to respond to the positive stimuli of its own conscience.

The events are not the issue; it is the choices, reasons, and decisions that are made available to be used that make the events pertinent... If society had the intelligence to provide the correct choices in a meaningful way, my Dad could have been changed by a better management strategy, he would have evolved in a meaningful way given the means to that end... He could have made the necessary choices that might have affected a good outcome; but mankind’s exclusive, evil, and selfish society did not allow for that to occur... Society does not have the intelligence of conscience to understand that it is responsible for the citizen reactions its usury produces in humanity - as the citizenry is the image and likeness of society's stewardship construct be it failures and mistakes or successes.

Why I began to write: Society must be made to provide a tangible end (means and way) for implementing an inclusive-solution, a (selfless) system of civil rule; then everyone's outcome is set in motion by a positive life style process.

A positive life style process within societal governance is needed so that humanity can overcome its Nietzsche- slave mentality inhibitions and its tempter usury that mask the potential of the citizen's positive self-will. A positive life style-process derived by leaving the learned behavior (attitude and temperament) based on Machiavelli's philosophy behind as a testament to futility - Leave behind the theory and practice of amoral politics, which propagates the diminution of citizen's individual-self-will.

A Positive Individual Self Will is needed to monitor and manage the ids and egos of society's representative agents. Herein lies the stumbling block of social governance as Nietzsche's philosophy indicates, the will of the citizen is weak; the citizen has a plebian soul designed by an ancestry of tyrants that has choked the life from its will...

My life path: In the past, I have thought I would like to trade my life path for one that was more normal; but, in the end, I am just being me... I ponder the past and present actions of humankind, it is quite evident it does not as a whole have the capacity to see beyond the trees, I am here to assist, I have a goal (objective and plan) to instill the wisdom necessary for humanity's spiritual evolution...

Humanity is not yet orchestrated within a synergistic paradigm that will allow it to see through the linear dimensions of its behaviors to the complex diversity of the whole reaction that perfects (evolves and creates) our existence experience...

I figure my role is to tell this story; that is why I write, to give guidance for the journey, course, and path of existence evolution.

I use to think religions were responsible for our understanding of our spirituality, I was wrong. I am not against religions; but I have found that religions are like sports teams, they are parochial, self-centered and exclusive, so this makes them less than a perfect means for unifying a diversity of being; so the set of truths I share are above, a superset, including all religious sets of truths.

The paradigm I present is not about the religious sets of beliefs, because all beliefs are included in this paradigm set of empirical laws. The arts, sciences and politics of governance, and all matters of information meaning, and understanding are subsets to the thought axioms of the mystical, metaphysical, and physical law matrix that forms our globe of existence, the cosmos that this paradigm orchestrates.

Let me explain- All thought is sourced from the aether of nothing, the black hole of our source - the vortex of thought at rest, the All. The vortex (matrix and manifold) of being-wave (matter-particle and energy-vibration) is the source of the reaction (stimulus, and response) of the root desire, emotion, and will... This mechanism perfects, (evolves and creates) the thought that sources the reality of our existence experience ~ this is the general paradigm for the Globe of Existence that reflects the image and likeness of cosmic energy consciousness.

Thought is, was, and will be as the thought variables of desire, emotion, and will are differentiated and expanded into expressions of form and function as they acquire their quality (attribute and nature).

Each bit of energy that is expressed as words and actions are expressions of thought in motion or being comes from a complete sprectrum of thought... These expressions are more or less inclusive, selfless and civil or exclusive, selfish and evil having some type of behavior (attitude and temperament) that reflects its source image and likeness... Therefore, at the end of the day all thought fits in this metaphorical fractal integral model rhetoric of emotion (desire and will) that propagates our existence... This is the notion of the general formula End Theory of the existence paradigm...

This theory expresses the means and way to solve for the end or result that expresses being as purpose (motive and intent) to be... As being is the word of thought in motion, you are what you think... Therefore, the reality of existence is the product of perception perspective probability... So if you are in a particular thought forest box, it is this perspective that creates the reality evolved by the perception of your existence - "beware of what you are perfecting".

The Reason I Write: I write about the quest for wisdom knowledge and understanding to attain the design of a perfect reality. I am driven to provide the mechanism that propagates our being - I guess like any artist or scientist that struggles to produce or unravel what they believe to be worthwhile.

My hope for the book I am writing: I hope the goal (objective and plan) for the design of my vision is sufficient to spearhead a genuine attempt to resolve differences and unify the human race in an effort to seek the real worth of our being.

Mouthing the words of religion and politics has not, to date, improved anything but maybe the financial or the egotistical perspectives of those that perpetrate false notions of worth found in their dogmas of social usury and its contrivances. The ethics preached by political and religious groups are grand, but they are not applied nor implemented with inclusive selfless civility as one can witness by their conduct throughout history and today in our laws, commerce, and all the other settings of social discourse and interaction that falls short of inclusive selfless civility.

The history of the notions I present: The notions in my theories discover the ontology of our existence and its functionality; these notions are rooted in the time of my youth when my thoughts began and evolved as I experienced life and sought the consciousness of the thought universe.

I remember the thoughts and events from my youth for some reason or another, it did not dawn on me till now how I would apply this information about the forest of thought I found myself. It all began one day when I was three years old standing in front of our old family farm house looking back at the house contemplating my future in the reality I was placed - strange huh! I remember it as if it was yesterday. The thoughts of a lifetime focused on evolving the quality of life we experience here on this rock in the space of the sun…

Well, as the story goes I am the bearer of the news of now as I state what needs to occur for the world to evolve beyond its chaotic history... I speak of the present as it is composing what is to come and what has gone by as it continues to be the same if dynamic solutions are not derived to manage time as a dimension perspective of our future reality... The present (future and past) as the present is the now today... How will humanity evolve without a goal (objective and plan)? Does the current organization of society meet the needs of an evolving humanity? Will it ever? How will it occur? When will it begin? All of these questions are pertinent to improving the quality of our human existence as a spiritual reality. My task is to plan the way ~ Yours is to see to it I get it right;)

~ A line that states the objective of an electic thesis, which endevors to divulge the dialectic of rhetoric, as a paradigm, that will catalyze the devlopment of the capacity, ability and potential for the evolution of humaniy, it is dewtobe:

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
- William Shakespeare

A poem that reflects my love for humanity:


by Sara Teasdale

They came to tell your faults to me,

They named them over one by one;

I laughed aloud when they were done,

I knew them all so well before, —

Oh, they were blind, too blind to see

Your faults had made me love you more.

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