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A proud product of public school education. Went to Conde Labac Elementary School and Conde Labac National High School in Conde Labac, Batangas City.

Graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science in University of Batangas, Batangas City, Philippines.

Took up Bachelor of Laws in Batangas State University, Batangas City, Philippines and currently enrolled in the program Master in Public Administration.

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  • The Infant's First Embrace

    The Infant's First Embrace

    30 hours ago

    The Infant's First Embrace is a poem about a mother and child's first ever encounter as they finally meet each other face to face after giving birth. The poem was inspired by an extension program activity that I...

  • For A Love So Beautiful

    For A Love So Beautiful

    3 days ago

    For A Love So Beautiful is a poem inspired by the new TV series "A Love So Beautiful" of ABS-CBN Network in the Philippines.

  • Our Wedding Vows

    Our Wedding Vows

    3 days ago

    Our Wedding Vows is a poem I wrote in exchange of the traditional vows during a wedding. It was the vows my husband and I made during our wedding after thirteen years of being together. He inspired me to write this for...

  • The Hopes and Joys of a Teacher

    The Hopes and Joys of a Teacher

    4 days ago

    The Hopes and Joys of a Teacher is a poem dedicated to my mother, the greatest teacher I met in my lifetime. This is to honor her dedication to her work as well as to our family. A mother and a teacher who serves as the...

  • A Tale of a Fourteen Year Old Friendship

    A Tale of a Fourteen Year Old Friendship

    6 days ago

    A Tale of a Fourteen Year Old Friendship is a poem about my very best friends, Toni and Isay. I met them in college and until today, the friendship remains. Cheers to more years of friendship and good company.

  • Confessions of a Butterfly

    Confessions of a Butterfly

    4 days ago

    Confessions of a Butterfly is a poem about metamorphosis of a real butterfly. Just like them, people also went through different stages in life before they can call themselves a real person.

  • The Multiple Faces Every Person Has

    The Multiple Faces Every Person Has

    7 days ago

    The Multiple Faces Every Person Has is a poem about the reality of life where a person choose to be somebody who he was not to face the world.

  • I'm Drowning

    I'm Drowning

    9 days ago

    I'm Drowning is a short poem about a person who keeps asking questions but getting answers will make her more

  • A Great Old Tree

    A Great Old Tree

    8 days ago

    A GREAT OLD TREE is a poem about my grandmother. She remains a picture of a strong woman at the age of 92. She likes to talk and talk when everyone is around. She laughs at our jokes and listens to our stories every...

  • Off guard

    Off guard

    11 days ago

    Off guard is a poem about emotional sufferings of a person. It tackles loneliness and being alone and realizations that come with it.