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Welcome to my little corner of the Hubpages world. My name is L R Goodman and I am writing mostly on health and fitness related subjects.

I have been interested in fitness for about three years and have been surprised over and over about how, with enough motivation and will-power, even a weakling like I can get my body to do extraordinary things.

Maybe someday I will post the video of me trying to do a pushup and not getting off the floor contrasted with the many pushups I can do now.

I hope that if you are interested, you will stay a while and read what I have written or give me feedback on both my current hubs and on what I should be writing.

Thank you.

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  • Stretching Exercises: The Piriformis Stretch

    Stretching Exercises: The Piriformis Stretch

    15 months ago

    If you are experiencing lower back pain and/or leg pain after a workout, try performing the piriformis stretch. This stretch can be done anywhere, before and after a workout, and can prevent pain.

  • What Muscles Are Used While Running?

    What Muscles Are Used While Running?

    7 years ago

    Educating ourselves on the muscles we use while exercising is important. The more we know about our body, the better we can protect it by treating it with care and avoiding injury. Running on a regular basis has many...