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I'm a Canadian expat living in Germany where I explore Europe and beyond for outdoor adventures and off-beat locations, at MonkeysandMountains.com.

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  • Benefits of Becoming a Semi-Vegetarian

    Benefits of Becoming a Semi-Vegetarian

    2 hours ago

    Saying you are a semi-vegetarian is a bit ironic since you are either a vegetarian or you are not but it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Eating less meat is similar to driving a car, by choosing to drive less you...

  • Entrepreneurship Info and Facts

    Entrepreneurship Info and Facts

    2 years ago

    Random entrepreneurship facts and entrepreneurship info which are sure to entertain at your next business function, make you sound really smart and may help you as an entrepreneur.

  • Help Save Animals

    Help Save Animals

    93 minutes ago

    Animals need our help more than ever.  Fortunately there are some simple actions you can take that will help save animals. 

  • Fun Clownfish Facts

    Fun Clownfish Facts

    5 years ago

    Did you love Finding Nemo?  Would you like to know more about clownfish?  Read on for some clownfish facts including their dirtiest secret, mating habits and a behaviour that will have you rethinking this cute fish!