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An enigmatic mix of sports geek and writer. Insanely difficult to pigeon whole. A great desire to stay away from the 'norm' and find some way to beat 'the system' and opt out of the rat race. Capable of forming opinions on several, wide ranging topics, love it when people disagree with me because that way I get the chance to show why I am right. Usually my opinions put me in the minority, occasionally even a minority of one, but that just means it's more satisfying when I eventually convince people I am right!

Currently I work as a sports coach, mostly Golf and Rugby League, but lots of others too. I also work as a Youth Worker.

Hope you enjoy reading my articles and please feel free to leave any feedback.

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  • My Top 10 Quantum Leap Episodes.

    My Top 10 Quantum Leap Episodes.

    5 years ago

                    Quantum Leap is one of my all time favourite TV programmes, I’m a sucker for anything with time travel. I love the fact that generally you can watch any episode from any point in any...