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macrobin profile image


Joined 7 years ago from Amarillo, Texas




Hi! My name is Robin and I am a 'over 50' mother of two grown children and two granddaughters. I am happily married woman of 16 years and am a living testimony that dreams CAN come true! (please read my testimony)

I am writing these hubs to help others who may be hurting or suffering in some way or another. After having 33 years of suffering myself, I am compelled to help show others how to live a blessed and happy life! I was given a Scripture by God in 1991 in Habakkuk 2:2-3. 'Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it will speak and it will not lie. Though it tarries wait for it because it will surely come. It will not tarry". From the time I was a small child I knew I was called by God for something but I was never sure what it was until I got that Scripture. I knew I loved God and I was drawn to be close to Him the older I became. Finally, at the age of 33, Gods' Spirit revealed Himself to me and His love for me. It changed me for the rest of my life. Since then, He has spoken to me at various times of my life and has given me the direction to help others as His Spirit has helped me. I hope that my writings will help you 'run' the race that is set before you and that you mature and grow in Him and His love for you and for all of His children here on the earth.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I hopefully will continue to share until the day He takes us all Home again....

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  • Where And Who Is God?

    Where And Who Is God?

    5 years ago

    Have you caught yourself asking the question, 'Who' or 'Where' is God? I think most of us have had that thought in our heads at least once in our life. The sad thing is that most people either have a 'theological'...

  • You Say You Can't Forgive Someone

    You Say You Can't Forgive Someone

    6 years ago

    So you think there is someone in your life who has wronged you and there's just no way you can ever forgive this person for what they have done. I have some good news for you! You can and it's so very simple..... ...

  • My Conversations With God

    My Conversations With God

    2 years ago

    From the time I was a small girl, I've always wanted to know more about God. My parents would tell you I was 'saved' and 'baptized' when I was eleven but I think i was doing that more for 'show' than for anything really...

  • My life and testimony

    My life and testimony

    6 years ago

    I was born to an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father. I was conceived on New Years, to the discouragement of my mother’s doctor. She had trouble having my older two sisters and wasn’t supposed to be able to...

  • Why People Are Leaving Church

    Why People Are Leaving Church

    7 years ago

     From the beginning of the creation of man, humans have had a deep seated desire to 'know' their Creator/God.  The 'void' was actually instilled in man by God Himself so that man could follow that desire and learn...

  • Will God Save Us From Ourselves???

    Will God Save Us From Ourselves???

    2 years ago

    From the beginning of the creation of mankind, it has been documented that we humans are 'bent' on destroying ourselves and our world around us. From the creation of the first man and woman, mankind has chosen to use...

  • Why Are You Suffering Like This?

    Why Are You Suffering Like This?

    7 years ago

    In everyone’s life, there are ‘seasons’ from the time they are born until they die and go Home to Heaven.  We can understand the cause for these seasons in our lives by learning about nature.  In everyone’s...

  • The 'Church' Exists Within You

    The 'Church' Exists Within You

    7 years ago

    Church.  That word in itself has a different meaning for each of us.  The second we see the word or hear the word, an image comes to our mind.  Along with that image, a 'feeling' accompanies it.  That image and...

  • Can a Christian Be Homosexual?

    Can a Christian Be Homosexual?

    7 years ago

     Homosexuality in the Christian or 'religious' world is one of the hottest topics amongst people today.  I know, as I write this hub, that there will be people who either strongly agree with me or disagree with me. ...

  • Christianity & The Law of Attraction

    Christianity & The Law of Attraction

    7 years ago

    I'm sure by now you have heard about 'The Law of Attraction' and maybe have possibly read on the topic of how your mind effects your life. I don't consider myself to be labeled 'new ager' but the older I get, the more I...

  • How Can You REALLY Learn About God?

    How Can You REALLY Learn About God?

    7 years ago

     I think I've learned more about God by being a parent more than anything else in my life.  I was born to an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father both of whom died before I was 21.  Having to practically raise...

  • Is God Speaking To You?

    Is God Speaking To You?

    7 years ago

    There are so very many people today, including Pastors, who say that they have never heard God speak to them. The truth is that He DOES speak to them, but they haven’t learned how to recognize His voice. For example,...