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Joined 3 years ago




You may have noticed it can be quite confusing to be Tony Scott. There are so many of us. And, just maybe, most of us are left-handed... Take Tony Scott,the film maker, and I. We were both born in 1944, just a month and less than 100 miles apart, both in the North of England (one on each side of the dividing line between Lancashire (me) and Yorkshire (him)). We both went to our local art colleges (in the same year!), and we both badly wanted to make films. I even applied to study film formally at art college. He didn't, and he ended up making a lot more films than I did. There's a moral there, somewhere! One fun aspect of being a Tony Scott. Several of us are professors! I was teaching as a visiting professor in the art school at Ohio University. Ohio University has a top-ten film school. I kept getting these phone calls from young French ladies with sexy voices, looking to do anything to get a bit part! I was Tony Scott. And there IS a top-ten film school at OU. But they were looking for the other guy :-( The other THE Tony Scott, a great jazz musician, was always asking for my web site name. He ended up with, which isn't so reliable. Felt a little guilty about that,as i had managed to grab befoe him. I played saxophone, too - like Ronnie Scott - but just in the school band! I think there are actually AT LEAST two other Tony Scott's besdie myself who are in the information technologist business. When I was Advisory Teacher for Computing Across the Curriculum in Croydon, UK (a London borough) I was always getting my wires crossed with Tony Scott, an IT manager who lived in Purley, a suburb of Croydon. Not to forget that Tony Scott, Chief Informtion Officer for Microsoft, was involved with Disney for a while. When I was teaching computer animators at The Ohio State University, he poached one of my very best students to run Disney's animator training. (She should still finish her PhD!) I trained as a painter and wood engraver, practiced in theater design and photography: Tony Scott, Artist, has an interesting but somewhat dissimilar portfolio; Tony Scott, Comic, I claim no similar talent, I cannot even tell a joke; and Tony Scott, Pastor, would have been exactly my mother's wish for my ultimate career. The photo is me visiting a craft printer's studio in Gomai, a village in the Shandong province of China. I am indicating how my sticky-out ears would have qualified me to be a member of the Literati, Ancient China's exclusive civil servants and power brokers, who knew everything about everything. Hey, they would really have enjoyed Squidoo! Some actual bio stuff: I attended no less than 4 colleges: Art Foundations (Painting and Printmaking) at Bolton College of Art; dual major in Art & Drama at Glamorgan College of Education; BA in Math & Education at the (UK) Open University; Ph.D. in Education at the University of Sussex (my dissertation was about language and power across the Internet). I taught in British high schools for 20 years, American universities for 10. I spent the balance of the time as a computer consultant and IT project manager specializing in commercial and government applications. My favorite projects were creating a tamper-proof electronic voting system for a government defense agency, and working with the Smithsonian and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I now live in Marshfield, Wisconsin, where I'm now really retired (my last W-2 job was as a Museum Educator) and exploring new and refined technologies in electronic publishing. My wife runs (is Dean of) the local university ( My hobbies are genealogy, numismatics (coin collecting), and making web pages. I'm also thinking of taking up golf and curling..

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    Hydroelectric Power in the Philippines

    4 years ago

    The Philipppines have pursued a mulitipurpose hydroelectric power system strategy in designing . For example, the San Roque dam has a capacity of 85 MW, which is the basis for the capacity payments under the PPA. The balance is surplus power that...

  • Belomor: The White Sea-Baltic Canal

    Belomor: The White Sea-Baltic Canal

    3 years ago

    The Belomor Canal gave the Soviet Union a shipping canal from the White Sea to the Baltic, at a cost of at least 11,000 lives and the use of the forced labor of over 100,000 political prisoners. Even though the canal is narrow, shallow, and...