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  • Material Objects

    Material Objects

    4 years ago

    I awoke with a start for no apparent reason, to realize I must have visited a place somewhere on the astral plane where the Akashic Records where prepared for the collective memory of “objects” related to man in the...

  • Purple Fog

    Purple Fog

    4 years ago

    Make your bed in the glow of light; lay your head so still. Bathe your sorrows in shards of fight; don't bemoan the spill. Streaks of genius, strains of gold; feathered beds so soft. Worn and weary heads bowed...

  • Tuna Fishing - Salvadore Dali

    Tuna Fishing - Salvadore Dali

    4 years ago

    A Palette of Green A surrealist (psychic) impression of a work At 62 years, using the basic primary color green, Dali began, “Tuna Fishing” with the portrait of himself as a young man in the bottom forefront of...

  • The Planning Commissioner

    The Planning Commissioner

    4 years ago

    By the time he finished ranting about the inappropriateness of issuing permits for in home day care facilities I knew he had some type of chip on his shoulder. He sat at the head of the Planning Commission’s table, an...

  • The Devil's Coat

    The Devil's Coat

    5 years ago

    I was driving in the desert, late one night, the light had grown dim, and it blurred my sight. I reached for a flashlight to clear the air; and there he stood, all ablaze, in my headlights glare. He thrust his...

  • Grog


    5 years ago

    Sleep sanctuary of the aging

  • Of a Critical Nature

    Of a Critical Nature

    6 years ago

    Gravity PULLS where there is no elasticity, preparing the wearer for amputation. It WRENCHES the heart from the sleeve. Gravity CUTS off circulation, STARVING the cell, YANKING split hairs from their roots. ...

  • Death Bed Bride

    Death Bed Bride

    5 years ago

    Blood smeared linen thrown quickly into corner of room where boxes filled with newspapers rant half truths of long gone editors; conceal broken watch that stares at open window, hands frozen in time ...

  • The Industrial Town

    The Industrial Town

    6 years ago

    Blankets of snow cover industrial banks which cover nothing. Soot covers banks of river that flows dark and murky, through soot covered banks. that wind 'round industrial plants. empty of people covered...

  • Warrior Stance

    Warrior Stance

    6 years ago

    War has been defined by many people throughout the ages. Cicero, Roman philosopher and political theorist, defines war as “a contention by force.” Some continue, that it is an all pervasive phenomenon of the...

  • Sixty Something

    Sixty Something

    6 years ago

    Someone told me that after I reached the age of sixty I’d be in my “Golden Years.” “Boy,” I thought cheerfully, “I can’t wait!” Unfortunately, I found out that I’d lost my identity and would have...

  • A Brief Introduction to Ojibway Musical Instruments

    A Brief Introduction to Ojibway Musical Instruments

    2 weeks ago

    Every culture has a definition of the vibration they create and how it’s music functions within their social structure. The Ojibway people of Northeast Michigan valued music for the personal and magical powers that...

  • Basic Shape - A Story of the Sea

    Basic Shape - A Story of the Sea

    6 years ago

    Recently, in the undertow, Oxana, a second sister in the Merdom of Frey, found a muddlewreath.  It was suitable when crushed with sand dollar for shinning waist scales.  She tucked the muddlewreath safely in...

  • The Cord

    The Cord

    7 years ago

    Zi’gini’ce stood over Ben’s prostrate body holding a sharp wooden spear.  He pierced Ben through the back of the head until the spear emerged from his mouth, perforating his tongue.  “You have crossed the...

  • Ojibway Magic & Hunting Traditions

    Ojibway Magic & Hunting Traditions

    2 years ago

    www.readeradvisor,.weebly.com Michigan is a unique state made of two peninsulas covering 58,000 square miles. Great lakes border on three sides. The Indians named her “Michi-ghami” meaning “Great Lake” and...

  • Participation in Healing Circles

    Participation in Healing Circles

    2 years ago

    Human beings have moved in social groups since the first recording of man. Population clans roamed the earth foraging for sustenance and shelter, assimilating values to survive. Bound by these variables groups developed...