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M.A.Noble profile image


Joined 8 years ago from UK




After many years of religious books disappearing from the bookshelves and being replaced by books portraying anti-God, anti-bible and ant-Creationist viewpoints, I decided to pull out my writing skills from my memory store and activate my 'creativity' brain cells to write articles and books to authenticate the existence of the Creator of this Universe, his word -the bible and the reality of the Godhead. This brought about the writing of the hubs and the book series 'Last Chance'. My most popular hub called 'Christ Yeshua Jesus from Genesis to Revelation' was viewed by nearly 2,000 viewers in the first year and is easily found on search engines and as a hubpage. This instigated the writing of the first book of the series using the same title and now available on Amazon. Read my hubpages.

The books in this series introduce the reader to real facts!

The theme is also based on psychological behaviour of an individual and how the minds of individuals have been manipulated through education, media etc which has brought about a Great worldwide Apostasy involving all peoples! This subject is covered in book two 'The Great Apostasy the deceived people'.

The Last Chance Series is so called because we are in our 'last days'. It is therefore 'decision time'.

As an Eschatologist and Watchman over Israel and Worldwide events, and after many years studying Psychology, Sociology, Group Dynamics, Judaism, Christianity, New Age and Humanism; and of course the bible and other ancient writings; it has provided insight to God's plans for the human race.

The present (aging)world and what is to come has been prophesied in the bible, it was foretold thousand of years ago and we are seeing some of these events taking place before our very eyes. Are you aware? If not, you need to be! Christ Yeshua tells us to be prepared!

The Biblical prophesies that are relevant today are occurring all the time, people are generally too blinded by daily tasks and troubles to be aware of these events, failing to recognise these as being God's way of forewarning us of the things to come! The latest of such events is the return of the Jewish people to their homeland Israel.

There are many other prophesied events occurring as you read this profile, such as the birthing of a one world government, global shortage of resources such as oil, food, water and money (global debt issues). Civil wars within Arab countries have also been predicted to occur in these very last days.

It is this knowledge and being inspired by God (through the Holy Spirit) to speak and write about these things, that has brought about these Hubpages.

My focus is to reach out to people who are searching for truth but are confused by the masses of information available and to provide undisputable evidence of God's WAY, the way of TRUTH! The world seeks the truth yet the truth is hard to find because of the mix of contradictions, mythologies, false concepts and theories that invade our everyday life!

Deception is powerful in our world today. Psychologists have mastered ways of controlling peoples minds and behaviour without them being aware of the changes that have taken place! Onlookers except these changes as the norm because they have become desensitised to what is right or wrong. Society, cultures, nations of the world have all joined the club of deception without realising it! Read my hubs for more on this subject and go onto for my books (The Great Apostasy book is soon to be published).

What makes me different to anyone else as a writer? Nothing, I am human like everyone else but like God's 'called or chosen' in the bible. I speak only when given the words to write and not before! God is my teacher, my boss and like all bosses he determines my duties, what is to take place and when.

Here is a verse from Psalm 45 that sums up my ministry: My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king, my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

You will find my hubpages are written in simple language, unlike many 'learned' who feel the necessity to be understood only by the intellectual jargan language and lengthy wording to make themselves appear superior to others! My hubs are written in the same simple language as written in the NIV Bible - in the language understood by all.

Deception will always appear when God's truth is revealed! Close by, there will always be deceivers, deception, antichrist comments and antisemitism - all of these will suddenly appear on the scene to try to counteract God's Word! To deter people from knowing the truth! Be aware of this.

It is these wolves and deceivers that tell us we are a threat to their plan, there appearance on the scene of Godly teaching, confirms to others that what we are saying is TRUTH otherwise the wolves and deceivers would not waste their time. Therefore you know I am speaking the truth! When I write truth on behalf of the Almighty God, the deceivers react defensively because they are threatened by these teachings - the enemies of God are always close by- ready to try to entice people away from the truth!

My writings aim to prove without a doubt that Yeshua existed historically, exists now and will exist in the future, (He was, and is and is to come again) - in the flesh - in this generation!

According to biblical prophesies His return is pending.

I hope my writings will challenge and encourage the reader to read the Bible for themselves, to find within the pages, revelations that will inspire the reader to move forward in Christ's footsteps. My hope is that those who have never believed the authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, or never really read the Bible, to venture out and do just that. My writings offer various examples of evidence to prove that not only are the scriptures true, they are also living words! They offer a life -line to those who digest the meanings and live by them. My writings also give evidence that throughout the Bible, from start to finish, Christ (Yeshua) is seen as the Son of God, the living word, the fountain of living water, the Savior, the King and the future conquerer! The conquerer of sin and eternal death for those who follow Him! He is the life giver- he offers the gift of salvation during our life on this earth and eternal life in the eternal kingdom to come.

Most of my hubs are found in my 'Last Chance' Book Series found on Amazon Books under the author name M.A.Noble.

Book 1 of series: 'Christ Yeshua Jesus from Genesis to Revelation' ISBN 978-1484136386.

It provides astounding hidden biblical treasures throughout the 66 books of the Bible that evidence authenticity of God's existence, that Christ was there in the beginning of creation and is still around today waiting to return again, it also evidences without doubt that he came from heaven, born as a man (God's Son) in order to die on the cross to offer people a way to enter God's future everlasting kingdom! It also evidences that God's biblical prophesies are reliable and true and because they have been fulfilled, they are sure to also be fulfilled in the future (near future)!

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