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Hey there!

I'm Mansi, welcome to my hub! Here I write about everything that I learn and feel after reading a particular book or article. I'm an omnivorous reader, so, you may find articles on everything and anything under the sun on my hub. I hope you like it, if you do please follow me here and also on my social medias and let me know if I can improve my articles in any way via comments!

Thank you!


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  • The Art of Mindfulness

    The Art of Mindfulness

    3 months ago

    Many a times, a lot of us get carried away in our thoughts and forget to cherish what lies in front of us in the present. To avoid this from happening over and over again, we need mindfulness!

  • How to Deal With Negativity?

    How to Deal With Negativity?

    5 months ago

    As easy it is to Google anything, it is also easy to fall victim to the ever omnipresent negativity. In this hub, I'll talk about how can we keep away from negativity and live a better & happier life!

  • The Positivity Hub

    The Positivity Hub

    6 months ago

    Whenever you feel lost or stuck, make it a point to take back the control in your hands and move on. Time doesn't wait for anyone!