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I am 61 years old and work part-time for a poverty-relief organization doing office management, resource referrals, and mentoring. I go to college part-time as a sociology major, with the intent of ultimately getting an AAS and then a BA in social work.

I live in a small town up in the mountains of northern Arizona called Prescott. I am single and live alone in a small studio apartment in the interesting downtown district.

Before coming to Prescott two years ago, I lived in Sedona for five years, where I worked as a hotel/retreat manager; and then in Cottonwood for five years, where I worked doing live-in elder care. Before moving to northern Arizona in 1999, I had lived in Southern California all of my life, having been born in Los Angeles. I lived in Long Beach, California, for 10 years, and during that time I worked mostly in Orange County as a typography proofreader, with some dabbling in magazine editing, graphics and typesetting. I changed careers when the typography industry deleted my type of work, at around the time I moved to Arizona. I have also done a lot of secretarial work and have an AA degree in that field.

My hobbies are art, crafts, interior decorating, watching HGTV and PBS, music, movies, novels, writing and reading inspirational true stories, watching inspirational Christian TV testimonials, art fairs, outdoor concerts, antiquing and thrift store shopping, hanging out in nature, and travel. Things I'd like to dabble in but haven't as yet: videotaping and interviewing, photography.

I am also a Stephen Minister through a local Methodist Church. Stephen Ministry is nondenominational, but Christian, and involves mentoring and doing something similar to pastoral counseling but as a lay minister, ministering to those going through trauma and emotional upheavals.

I write on Hub Pages about a variety of subjects, but mostly I write about spiritual and psychological growth. Sometimes it comes out in poetry. I plan to write more articles about social work in the near future.

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