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Hi - thanks for visiting my pages. I have written for many years from greeting cards to my local newspaper. I have three books published on Amazon and have had various works published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers. I hope you enjoy my articles. Please visit my website to read more of my writing and learn a little more about me: http://marciajkenyon.yolasite.com

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  • The Effects of Verbal Abuse and Bullying

    The Effects of Verbal Abuse and Bullying

    14 months ago

    Verbal abuse and bullying isn't just restricted to the playground, it can follow many people into adulthood and take place at home or work. I have written this as it's something I feel strongly about and have...

  • Qualities I Admire in Others

    Qualities I Admire in Others

    15 months ago

    I've written this article to highlight the qualities in other people that I most admire. Nobody is perfect, myself included (!) but just how fussy are we when it comes to liking others? If, for instance, they swore...

  • The Energies and Vibrations of People, Places and Possessions

    The Energies and Vibrations of People, Places and Possessions

    2 years ago

    Do you believe that all things have a certain energy or vibration? For instance if you pick up a stone would you say to yourself that because it is solid there is no life within it, it is as dead as a dodo? Some people...

  • Why Do Women Bitch?

    Why Do Women Bitch?

    2 years ago

    I've written this because I've encountered a lot of bitchiness in my lifetime and based on the number of visits I get to this article it seems to be a hot topic. Would you consider yourself to be a bitch and do you...

  • Soulmates and Twin Souls

    Soulmates and Twin Souls

    2 years ago

    In this article I take a brief look at what a soulmate is to help you recognise yours. Soulmates are from all walks of life, there are no boundaries, and when that special person enters your life be prepared for the...

  • Friends - real or virtual?

    Friends - real or virtual?

    3 years ago

    An article about friends, acquaintances and virtual friends. In this article I take a look at the role of friends, the difference between friends you know and friends you make over the internet. Since writing this I...