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Marian Swift is a recently retired bureaucrat and not-so-retired activist/busybody who squeezes freelance writing into her day because she doesn't have enough to do(?).

Like everyone else, Marian finds herself pinched by rising prices, along with a sinking feeling that things will get worse before they get better. Therefore, many of her hubs will focus on simple things we can do to ease the pain.

Other hubs will address the causes of our economic and social woes. In a democracy, citizenship is not a spectator sport ... and this is doubly true in an endangered democracy. (There may be one near you!)

And, sometimes, even the most dedicated busybody's just gotta have fun!

Marian highly recommends Hub Pages for folks who want to improve their writing, join a friendly and diverse community ... and maybe make some money! Click here to join!

Marian splits her writing time among Hub Pages and her blog, Striking 13.

People have asked about the avatar -- it's a cell phone snap taken at a rest stop overlooking Fannette Island in Lake Tahoe. Marian wishes that more of her photos taken with real cameras would come out that good.

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      • News Feed Wonkiness

        News Feed Wonkiness

        9 years ago

        Just tried to add a news feed to a new Hub.  Preview shows plenty of good, relevant news stories, but when I save it, all I get is "no news found."A couple of my published Hubs also suffer from on-again,...

      • REMINDER to U.S. Voters:  VOTE!!!! on November 4

        REMINDER to U.S. Voters: VOTE!!!! on November 4

        9 years ago

        We thought it would never end, but after this Tuesday, November 4 ... Election 2008 is history.If you haven't done so already, pleasepleaseplease (please) remember to VOTE.  It's never been more important.And if...

      • Here's One of Mine

        Here's One of Mine

        9 years ago

        This Hub does not get many views.  Well, none of 'em get as much as I'd like, but this is the runt of the litter:http://hubpages.com/hub/MakeYourOwnMediaHelp?(Thanks, staffers, for this way cool update!)

      • Hub Traffic Counts

        Hub Traffic Counts

        9 years ago

        I sorta-kinda mentioned this in an unrelated thread in another section of the Forum.  This is a petty peeve, but here goes:Sometimes my new Hubs go through 3 or 4 drafts, or at least a few instances of opening the...

      • Another Silly Ad Question

        Another Silly Ad Question

        9 years ago

        I'm fairly new here.  What a cool community!But ... though I've managed to find the sticky pink thread, and the techy stuff is relatively easy to figure out (so far), there's one teensy question I haven't been able...