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    Sleeping Consciousness

    5 months ago

    Waves of the war on their face; Boiled words on their scorching tongs; Procrustean beds for a perfect smile;

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    The Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse

    12 months ago

    People belonging to northern Native American tribes called the May full moon the "Budding Moon" or "Leaf Budding Moon" to associate it with the spring's blooms (....) On the 5th of May, the penumbral lunar eclipse...

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    The Painting The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

    12 months ago

    Salvador Dali became the leader of surrealism while saying, "Surrealism is me".....Maybe fatalism; distressing uncertainties.At a red light

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    Triolet for Lisa Marie Presley

    16 months ago

    The holy bells ring sadly in the wind Because the heart of Lisa ceased to beat.

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    Triolet,Biolet, and Rondelet Poetry

    16 months ago

    They have designated their own triolets as rondelets. This ambiguity regarding the poetic form is the result of translations, an example being the rondel of Froissart, in 1835. Its translation into English is a triolet.

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    Ekphrastic Poetry

    21 months ago

    He awakened to militancy with the work "Guernica", in 1937, where he used green and red as colours for contrast. He painted the same anguish by using a specific hue during the Second World War.

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    Logical, Metaphysical, and Nomological Necessity

    2 years ago

    For Socrates, eudaimonia is a right action leading to the "well-being" of the individuals and motivates their decisions...... "If this is the case, life on Earth may have had an easier time getting started as these organics can serve as basic ingredients for life."

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    The Rainbow Woman~An Ekphrastic Poem

    2 years ago

    My poem is a written analysis of the artwork entitled "Femme au béret rouge-orange" belonging to the cubist painter Pablo Picasso, who was a Spanish painter and a sculptor.Orange, red beret to pulse in the hard, violet air. Winds whispering old songs in her summery, green hair.

  • Puente and Tanka Poetry

    Puente and Tanka Poetry

    4 years ago

    David Emile Durkheim specified that the morals and the goals can help the individuals gain a collective identity. Also, in his work, Alexander Wendt explained how constructivism can generate some alliances as collective groups.

  • Pantoum for Coronavirus

    Pantoum for Coronavirus

    4 years ago

    In 2012, in Saudi Arabia, a new epidemic fever followed the utilization of the camel milk and it is said therefore this disease cannot be eradicated. Also, it is thought that the illness named Covid-19 or coronavirus December 2019 is caused by the consumption of

  • Nurses in Spring

    Nurses in Spring

    4 years ago

    The Bop Poem is the invention of Afaa Michael Weaver and can be compared with the Shakespearean sonnet. Generally, the Bop poem develops a poetic argument



    4 months ago

    The Jintishi forms are jueju, lüshi, and pailü. These poems have an inner parallelism in their couplets:

  • Static Energy

    Static Energy

    4 years ago

    This poem develops the theme of the philosophical novel 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' written by Friedrich Nietzsche . More exactly, 'the eternal recurrence' and ' Death of God' comes from a concept in which God ceases to exist and generates other gods.

  • A Tisiway Poem

    A Tisiway Poem

    4 years ago

    The Saharan Samba Touré dance and the Tisiway poetry are performed by the free people living in the Saharan mountains.

  • Rainbow in Fall

    Rainbow in Fall

    4 years ago

    Tuaregs are nomadic pastoralists, also named 'blue people' due to their indigo colored clothes. They can be found in Sahara.

  • Cogency


    4 years ago

    In the Ancient Greek literature, the Orphic Egg is a cosmic one and gave life to some hermaphroditic deities like Zeus, Eros, Pan, or Phanes. The last one is the source of universe.

  • Double Sedōka for The Lord

    Double Sedōka for The Lord

    5 years ago

    The evolution of the human mind is so beautifully expressed in the history of this island, meaning a start with a unique god, a continuity with a god of light belonging to polytheism, an enlightenment, and Christian doors leading to Heaven.

  • Empowered Words

    Empowered Words

    5 years ago

    The words that are used for speech or writing have also a power in controlling the energy. This is the reason why in the beginning, it was the word and it belonged to God. The vibrations of the words can modify the direction of some energies. Generally, the energies of the cosmos are very powerful

  • The Kreutzer Sonata for Metamorphosis

    The Kreutzer Sonata for Metamorphosis

    5 years ago

    This poem uses Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis in this need to underline the contrast between love and hate. Human beings are like candles, they need the love of God, which is a light for the souls, especially for those living in the darkness of hate. The Kreutzer Sonata, a novella written by Tolstoy.

  • 1


    6 years ago

    The ghost of a raven intruded into the cold transparency of the soul. On the wall, shaded lips Moved like talking and spread blistered words, those words, not purifying anything around. The round red

  • The Picture

    The Picture

    7 years ago

  • 0

    The Ringing Bells

    7 years ago


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