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My name is Joe Howard, I have a passion for writing and did not realize it until I started writing for fun after earning my masters degree. I have a masters of arts in applied behavioral science with a major concentration in criminal justice and social problems. I enjoy investigations, security, intelligence, surveillance, martial arts, working out, outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, talking to people and getting to know them, and more. I have broad experience and love to learn new things.

I am currently a Captain and personnel & administrative officer and search & rescue officer in the United States Civil Air Patrol. I am also a disaster action team member with the American Red Cross. I can be an open minded person, sometimes I can be a joker when I'm in a really wacky mood. I like to listen to what people say because it makes them feel good to have someone to listen to them. My dream in life is to get the career I want and on down the road get married and have kids. I'm not much of a believer in one religion I believe in all, I'm mostly a spiritual person. I like to study other cultures and learn their ways and interact.

True Love is my biggest belief in life and its my most important principle. Nothing is perfect in this world and no one is perfect, but I feel that you can be with someone who is not perfect and you can still love them like they are perfect. No one can take love away, it cannot be taken from you, not by angels or demons, heaven or hell. True Love is what drives me.

I follow nine principles:

1. Future: always look forward toward the future, but in order to look forward toward the future you have to focus on the present.

2. Respect: respect nature, respect yourself, and respect those who respect you. Joining of cultures and families should also be respected.

3. Honor: honor your true love and honor those who honor you, nature should be honored as well.

4. Peace: try to bring peace to those who are looking for peace and who strive for peace. In your heart you will find peace.

5. Sincerity: be sincere toward your achievements; be sincere toward those who are close to you. No matter what, you should always be sincere toward your true love and family.

6. Courage: always show courage. Go forth and represent all that’s good. Never fear evil and be strong at all times.

7. Duty: never turn your back on your duties, you are always on duty, but you have more then one duty, fight like a true warrior would and that is without fear or remorse.

8. Marriage: look forward to getting married someday. Getting married is a wonderful thing and while you're married love and honor your lover for eternity. Never stop loving the person your married too.

9. True love: true love is what will partly complete you and after you find true love, start your family then once you do that you have everything you could ever ask for. Love is the most powerful force in the world

I have recently been inactive on Hubpages for a couple of months, but recently I have experienced a lot of what life can throw at you and what I have to say will become an interesting story.

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