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Happy wifey and mama. Worker of the world. Certified (albeit unemployed) special needs and gen ed teacher. Long-time homeschooler to my four bairns (starting in 1993 when to homeschool was weird, not cool!)

Freelancer and manic (like in 55 niche blogs) blogger. Top 100 writer at the now-closed (sniff, sniff) Yahoo! Voices (before that Associated Content). Racked up a whopping 25 million page views in an 7-year gig. Widely published on Yahoo! News (the big kahuna homepage even). Covered Detroit bankrupcy, emergency manager but also the good stuff, the "what's working" in the Motor City (there's a lot that is).

I write a lot about education, parenting, homeschool. crafts, movies and TV, food, budgeting and world religion particularly Catholic (I call myself a Catholic transcendentalist). I've got a degree in psychology, but I write mental health tips as much from personal experience. And I write Mama Doc health advice (grassroots, homegrown kind) from the trials and tribs of raising a big family. I dabble in fiction and poetry, when I can eke time from the bread-winning non-fiction articles.

I find in bios that I describe more what I do than who I am. I guess it's how I identify. If I was to step outside that work-related comfort zone and share what defines me, I'd say I'm in love with people, history, books (old), travel. social justice and red wine. There must always be wine.

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