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My name is Karen Stevens, and my husband and I were missionaries to tribal people in Venezuela for almost 30 years. We arrived there with one child of 13 months, had three other children and raised them all in the plains area near a Pume village. These people were very poor and had no written language until we arrived to analyze it and write it down with the purpose of teaching them to read it.

Our children grew up in a very healthy environment with lots of fresh air and sunshine and were a great help to us in teaching literacy to the Pume people as well as aiding in simple first aid that really made a difference in their lives.

Our kids are all grown, and Gary and I have returned to the U.S. due to my poor health. Because of the natural nutrtional supplements we discovered, my health has improved greatly for which we're very thankful.

I found Hubpages through a marketing course I've been taking and really love it. It's so cool to write what's on my heart and read what others have to say as well.

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