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Before I was a French Farmer, Berlin House Builder and London Project Manager, I was a Steeplejack in Nottingham and Lancashire for 12 years. A year in Tenerife directed me to the Costa Blanca and a love of the Spanish way of life. I currently work as an artist from my studio and enjoy "en plein air" almost all year round because of the mild climate. I also write every day and design Book Covers at ShearArt Studio. I am finishing two Novels at the moment - Flip Flop Flamenco and Spoils of the Moon.

Book Cover Designer, Artist, writer. Voracious reader. Tea drinker, dog owner. Chief-cook and dish washer loader. Jocose, English Ex-pat in Spain. Beach freak. Science fiction fan. Habitual doubler of entendres. Caricature and Cartoonist junkie. Part-time philanthropist. Music nut. Movie addict. Occasional faux finisher. Renaissance man. Opinionated. Wordy. Modest...

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