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Writing is my passion because it allows me to express my feelings towards a thing or a situation. Through poems and essays, I could share my thoughts and ideas to others. I want others to infer the thoughts, feelings, and intentions that I want to convey. Writing makes me feel happy. It becomes my outlet. It eases my burdens. This passion applies to me very well since it is the reason why I land to an editing job, like thesis editing and research paper editing. It also augments my reputation in school. As my passion, it leads me to be the school paper assistant adviser and a winning radio broadcasting adviser. Writing has become part of my life. I have come that far because of writing. It is the key that brought me to be a news writer for different websites. Though I know that there more things that I need to know more about writing, I am very grateful to God for giving me this writing prowess. As an ardent activity, I compose poems and essays. Some of my poems are published on a site and some of it is published on my own site. However, I do not regularly post there but I already gain viewers and few followers. Being engage into writing helps me more in improving my grammar. It makes me more sensitive to grammatical errors and to some literary devices applied in the literary piece. The more I make corrections or improve sentences in an article, the more I get inspired to become a famous writer someday. It gives me more confidence that I have the skill in writing and editing. I will not stop writing because I adhere to the saying that pen or writing is mightier than a sword. Through it, a writer can move mountains. It touches people's lives and it enlightens a weary heart. As long as I live, I am going to write because I want to inspire, entertain and to inform people.

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  • Shakepeare's Poetry

    Shakepeare's Poetry

    5 months ago

    This poem entails an appreciation of Shakespeare's poetry. This speaks about his works and how it inspires people. His craft in writing makes the world of literature very interesting and inviting.

  • Tears of Grief

    Tears of Grief

    5 months ago

    Losing someone dear aches ones'heart. It is very painful to lose a parent. Orphan children can hardly accept the fate of their parents. It is best to teach these children the value of acceptance.

  • Sometimes Is Not So Often

    Sometimes Is Not So Often

    5 months ago

    In some instances, a lover needs to let his love one go not because he never loved her anymore but to let her weigh things out and let her realize that the one who truly loved her is already with her.

  • The Best Weapon

    The Best Weapon

    5 months ago

    The Best Weapon is a poem which is an eye-opener to everyone. The poem tells a person that the best weapon is silence. There is nothing but silence can break a heart when a person is ignored.

  • Love of a Sick Rose

    Love of a Sick Rose

    5 months ago

    The Love of A Sick Rose is a poem that depicts about human's nature to fall in love. However, innocence has been a factor why the love is corrupted by an evil intention pretending to be a true love.