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  • Chirp


    9 days ago

    Birds have one natural ability we will never have, they can fly without any man-made help. They fascinate me because, like fish, they live in a different world from us because of their natural gifts. Spend some time watching them as they glide around the skies above.

  • My Dog Sam: A Shelter to Home

    My Dog Sam: A Shelter to Home

    2 weeks ago

    When you're ready to add a furry friend to your family, please remember the shelters are full of many great dogs and cats that need good homes. Pets give more to us than we give back to them.

  • Shelter Dog

    Shelter Dog

    9 days ago

    When you look in the eyes of a shelter dog there's a magic that's found in the love they want to share with you. When you give a shelter dog a home you'll get back endless appreciation from your new friend.

  • Nature


    9 days ago

    We call them wonders of the world and understandably so when we look out at nature in all its amazing glory. Take that walk each day to soak in the scents, warmth, and energetic refreshment of the outdoors.

  • Beach Dog

    Beach Dog

    9 days ago

    Each dog that I paint has a unique character of their own and that's what makes them fun. They love to play at the beach, enjoy life, and be happy. It's something we could learn from for our own personal health.

  • Where Am I From?

    Where Am I From?

    9 days ago

    There are questions that don't have conclusive answers but leave us wondering. Poetry is a comfortable place to ponder around in, that leads us to find our own answers.

  • My Grandmother's Hope Chest

    My Grandmother's Hope Chest

    6 weeks ago

    Do you ever wonder about life in a different time? Grandparents give us the opportunity to learn what life was like for them when they were young and growing up. What choices they had? What thoughts they thought?Their personal pearls of wisdom are valuable experiences they can share with us.

  • Watercolor Painting Cards: How to Use Discarded Paintings to Make Cards

    Watercolor Painting Cards: How to Use Discarded Paintings to Make Cards

    6 weeks ago

    What do you do with those discarded watercolor paintings you have in your closet? Here's an inspirational idea that will allow you to use them in a creative way. You can turn them into cards for any occasion. It's easy and fun.

  • Kindness


    9 days ago

    There are moments when a simple smile from another person spruces up our day. I know when I go on my walks all my furry dog friends put a smile on my face, along with their families. Their desire to greet us and say hello brings out those happy endorphins in our brains and makes us feel better.

  • Wilderness


    9 days ago

    Have you ever thought about what other animal you might want to be? It's a thought to ponder on if we all had a choice. I found it to be an interesting adventure while poetry helped me to figure out.

  • Watercolor Paint Tricks: How to Add Whiskers to Animal Portraits

    Watercolor Paint Tricks: How to Add Whiskers to Animal Portraits

    9 days ago

    If you ever get frustrated when trying to add tiny lines that delineate whiskers on your animal portraits then please read further for two tricks that will help alleviate this issue. You'll be able to tackle whiskers on a watercolor animal painting like a pro.

  • LibraryLife


    8 weeks ago

    The mystery of a library with many books from old to new creates a life of its own. Maybe the books dance with each other at night when the last librarian locks the door for the day. A thought to enjoy while perusing the shelves for those fun reads.

  • Little Boy

    Little Boy

    9 days ago

    There are times at the beach that become magical when we remember fun-filled moments by the ocean. My poem's purpose is to capture one of these tides of lasting joy.

  • The Keurig

    The Keurig

    9 days ago

    I've been writing poems and painting watercolors for many years. I find painting and writing enlighten, enrich and inspire each other. Poems are the place where creativity is at a peak because the boundaries are endless. For me, humorous poems are the most fun to write.


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