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Welcome to my HubPage! I am a wife and mother from Long Island, NY. While daily to do lists keep me pretty busy, I, for the most part, believe in planning for the future but living for the moment. Life goes by too quick! I believe each day is a gift and I don’t want to waste any of them.

My free time is usually spent with family and friends at the beach, a park, the movies, library, mall, zoo, aquarium, or museums. I love literature, photography, writing, music, dancing, cooking, watching movies, swimming, bike riding, board games, and playing cards. We travel as often as we can; whether it is a weekend getaway Upstate or to New England or a week-long trip to a beach or lake or, if our daughter is really lucky, an amusement park.

Professionally, I have worked both in retail and as a teacher. I love to share my passion for writing and literature with my students. A career in teaching hasn’t always been easy, but the rewards tend to outweigh the stresses.

I am too young to call myself an “expert” at anything but have lived life long enough to have learned quite a few lessons. I hope what I share is insightful and entertaining. Life is full of journeys and I am looking forward to embarking on this one with you by my side.

~ Maya

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