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Although my name is Melissa, Straps, the street punk nickname given to me as a teen, is how I'm frequently recognized. When others began to make assumptions, without even speaking to me, about my intelligence and character based on my appearance, my usual optimistic personality became the victim of these judgements. Depressed, I assumed many of the negative traits these strangers branded me with. Until one day it finally dawned on me, these people don't know a single thing about me! Why should I let anyone so shallow and intolerant pressure me to change who I am? I learned the true power of my thoughts and actions, and began funneling this power into writing. Soon I wasn't just standing up for myself, but people of all types, against society's bullies.

Some of my teen self still remains, such as my colorful punk fashion sense and youthful optimism, blending well with the confidence, additional life experience and self education my 30's has granted. I know who I am, what I stand for, and my life's purpose: helping those feeling weak, find strength and climbing the highest heights, shouting at the top of my lungs so the voiceless and ignored, can finally be heard.

My writing isn't expected to be enjoyed by everyone, instead I hope it reaches exactly the right person who needed my work in that moment. Hopefully you find a piece that makes you think, or changes your perspective of the world around you.

Some of my work reflects the challenges and hardships of being a modern day human rights activist. While also explaining why things that seem trivial to others, provide many activists the courage and strength to carry on despite the obstacles they face.

Some of my pieces are just unique curiosities I've observed.

Some of my work is just fun, life's too short to be serious all the time.

I hope, if you don't enjoy my musings, you at least gain an appreciation for something unexpected.

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