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I am Marc Guberti, and I have a lot of hobbies that range from legos, yugioh, track, soccer, and so on. I am a teen on Squidoo who finds it easy to succeed. For my free time, I play soccer and old video games. I work hard everyday perfecting my soccer moves. I have a giant Lego City that takes up a good portion of my room. I am trying to turn my Lego collection into a money maker with animations. I am also considering selling Legos on eBay when they retire. I am a teenager entrepreneur who goes to school just like any other teenager. I am able to manage my studies, track team practices, and work online at the same time. I currently have first honors in my high school and have gotten a lot faster with the help of track. My online business continues to grow as well. I believe that there are no limits to success. I have created many Squidoo tutorial lenses, and if you have any questions, you can contact me. My imagination is wild, and I am happy to be a lensmaster on Squidoo. Level 100 Mammoth Giant Squid and Squid Angel Follow @MarcGuberti on Twitter Marc Guberti on Twitter Counter

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  • Lego Sets Based On World Landmarks

    Lego Sets Based On World Landmarks

    4 years ago

    The Lego Landmarks are new and retired Lego Sets that are based on places in the world. The Lego Architecture Sets are based on real buildings, but there are some large Lego Sets that can be constructed into large sets....

  • Yugioh Trap Cards

    Yugioh Trap Cards

    4 years ago

    In Yugioh, Trap Cards are used to do so many things such as negate attacks, boost your monsters' ATK power, destroy cards on the field, and help you win duels. Trap Cards are an essential part to any Deck that make...

  • Yugioh XYZ Monsters

    Yugioh XYZ Monsters

    3 years ago

    XYZ Monsters are the newest trend in Yugioh. With a black background and a rank instead of the normal level, these cards are the must-have Monster Cards for any and every duelist. With easier ways to play strong...

  • Top 10 Yugioh Cards

    Top 10 Yugioh Cards

    3 years ago

    I rank Yugioh Cards based on different categories from the 10th card all the way down to the first card. I will rank based on different categories that concern the game of Yugioh. I know that my opinions might differ...

  • Penguin Facts for Kids and Adults

    Penguin Facts for Kids and Adults

    4 years ago

    Hello, I am Marc Guberti, and penguins are my favorite animals of them all (except for pets). Penguins slide on their stomaches through the ice, protect their eggs from the cold by incubating them, swim in the ocean at...