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    • HubPages + Squidoo = ????

      HubPages + Squidoo = ????

      5 years ago

      I'd read a few people here mention that they write on other sites like Squidoo or Wizzley as well as HP.  I'm curious about your philosophies as far as interlinking Hubs and Lenses, or other articles, and how to...

    • What Makes a "Sales Hub"?

      What Makes a "Sales Hub"?

      5 years ago

      I've seen a few mentions of "sales hubs" around the forum.  I can't quite glean from the context if a sales hub is 1) A Hub written specifically around a certain product with Amazon capsules added, or 2)...

    • eBay better than Amazon?

      eBay better than Amazon?

      5 years ago

      I've been reading (on this forum mostly) about how Google isn't liking the Amazon affiliate capsules in Hubs so much these days.  Is it better to replace them with eBay capsules if applicable?  Or, does Google...

    • Steelers to Release Hines Ward

      Steelers to Release Hines Ward

      5 years ago

      What depressing news to start off the morning.  I honestly thought he was going to retire after the head injuries he took in a couple of games last season, but I didn't think they'd release him.  He's a 3rd...

    • Ad Placement

      Ad Placement

      4 years ago

      I always thought the upper-right corner of your Hub (or any online article), right next to your first text capsule, was the prime spot for ad placement.  This is where they show up automatically.  However,...

    • How Good is Google's Memory?

      How Good is Google's Memory?

      5 years ago

      I'm in the process of moving a few of my hubs from another account to my main account.  I've gotten some good advice already from the forum here and from HP staff.  I'm waiting for my older hubs to clear the...

    • Please Help Me Understand StumbleUpon Views

      Please Help Me Understand StumbleUpon Views

      5 years ago

      I've experimented with sharing my work on StumbleUpon.  I get a handful of views in my stats here at HP, but then it dies out in a day or so.  Thing is, at StumbleUpon it still shows my views as zero. ...

    • Hubkarma and the Links Tool

      Hubkarma and the Links Tool

      5 years ago

      I was reading about the links tool, and I applied a few Hub links to one of my hubs.  Seemed like a cool idea.  The more karma the better, right?  But then I realized that by offering one of those links...

    • Adsense confusion:  please advise

      Adsense confusion: please advise

      5 years ago

      I applied for Google Adsense this morning and things seem to have gone well.  My affiliate code is now applied to my account at HP, and HP is noted as a 3rd party on my Adsense page at Google.  I am now in the...

    • Attribution of Odd Images?

      Attribution of Odd Images?

      5 years ago

      I realized today that when I post an article to Redgage or certain social media sites like FB it puts a thumbnail of the first image of my Hub next to my text.  Of course I am very careful to attribute every...

    • Redgage Backlinks Worth It?

      Redgage Backlinks Worth It?

      5 years ago

      For those who have experimented with Redgage, I'm wondering if you've found that your Google page ranks were negatively influenced.  Is it worth it to post your links at Redgage?  Not worried about the money...