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Hi! How ya doing, there? Hah, yea...that's great, but let's get to the point and talk about me for a minute, huh? What? Well...no, I'm not trying to be rude I just...look, I just think I'm more interesting than you. What do you mean, prove it? I mean took at me. My age? Well, I'm 23...I was born in August of 1992. Where do I live? What is this, 21 questions? Florida, I live in Florida. No, I'm not here on vacation, we're in Florida right now, you idiot. My hobbies are writing, playing games, reading, studying computer science, and watching way too much Youtube videos. Okay, look, I'm not gonna stand here and talk to you all day. Where am I going? I'm going home. I have Hubs to write and I want to try and throw some pitches over to Cracked. No, you can't come with me! This isn't like, "Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work-Day," or something. My fiance would shoot me if I brought some stanger home. Like literally shoot me. In my face. Alright, whatever pal. Jeez, some people are just so selfish.

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  • The Stress of Moving In Poverty

    The Stress of Moving In Poverty

    19 months ago

    If you're not the type of person that can relate to this hub, then lucky you. Unfortunately, people like myself know what it's like to move with no money all too well. I still have flashbacks.