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What can I say? I have many passions in life, and I enjoy many things, health and fitness, computers and software, living green. I like teaching, I dont consider myself a teacher just experienced. I am in the process of writing a few blogs, I do have a few webpages as well. I am hoping by Squidooing I can get my pages out on the web and make a name for myself. I have seen some of the Squid giants with over 1 hundred lenses, will I ever have that many, as long as I dont run out fo things to say. :) My company name is One Step At a Time. I am in the works to getting it official, lots of red tape. If we take one step towards our goal eventually we will get there, no matter what. No matter what that step is toward, job, marriage, weightloss, fitness, all it takes is one step at a time. I do hope you enjoy my squidoo pages. I am hoping you will take something with you after you close out my page. Whether it be a simple tip or some motivation. "One Step At A Time" "Winning starts with beginning." -Robert H. Schuller

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  • Life of a bearded dragon

    Life of a bearded dragon

    3 years ago

    I am very docile, and I love being handled. You want to know something about me and other bearded dragons, we make wonderful pets. New people that meet me for the first time are scared, I can sense that, but honeslty...