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Music, movies and books, I am a lover of all forms of entertainment. Waiting on a line for hours on opening night of a highly anticipated movie, sitting in the very back in the very center of the theatre as the lights dim and the movie begins, watching a masterpiece unfold, or not as the case may be sometimes. I love the whole experience. Even when it's a let down, the after movie rant is a highlight of my day. So on my page is a look into one opinion on a work of art. Be it movies, music or literary works.

I originally joined hubpages with the intent to review different books and media and hopefully help people find new authors or convince them to watch or not watch new movies. I have discovered that I actually enjoy writing about a wide range of topics and have expanded my portfolio a bit. The more I write the more I want to write.

Please leave comments and feedback. I appreciate all constructive criticism!

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