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Since 1990, extraterrestrials who have remained anonymous have been in telepathic contact with me. The contact is 365/24/7. I like to pride myself on the fact that I don't channel messages. Other contactees like to witter on about the coming of the 52 when peace will reign in the galaxy. That's all nonsense. The aliens don't have any messages. As to whether they're going to "come out" soon, I couldn't say that either. All i can tell you is that some entity has, as it were, posessed me and if it's anything other than extraterrestrial carbon life-forms, I will eat my hat.

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  • Autobiography Of A Ufo Contactee

    Autobiography Of A Ufo Contactee

    5 years ago

    This blog is dedicated to Agua Marina, a mermaid from Barcelona who floated mysteriously to Tyneside via the Russell Group current. The gods had given her a hole in the heart. It was incredible. She could have been an X...