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I coalesce the vapor of human experience into a viable and logical comprehension!

My hubs reflect different faces of the the same person.

They will rock you from the very serious subjects to the ridiculous.

I have a sense of humor so dry that, at times, I don't even "get it".

I am a "Truth Seeker", first and foremost.

Cyclist- Cycling is the best sport, no arena needed.

Most everybody can bicycle. Everybody can't win races but most can enjoy and ride to health.

Vietnam Veteran-Marine Corps-I Corps-333

Being a Veteran is part of my road to peace.

Former Bicycle Shop Owner, Former Bicycle Inn Owner, Former Metal Art Sculptor, Former Carpenter

Bicycle Racer/Has-Been-That-Never-Was

This common laborer has worn many hats and walked in many shoes. He believes that every child should have better health care than presidents, lawmakers, law breakers, judges, doctors, lawyers, etc.

I stand for truth over ALL else.

Jesus was a communist or socialist. Jesus gave His health care and food away. He also gave dignity to the poor.

I am not a "liberal". But I notice that when I am charitable, when I speak of compassion, when I speak of truth - I'm accused of being "liberal".

But- Jesus took some fish and bread that the people had.

Jesus broke the bread and fish until Jesus fed everyone.

Jesus was a socialist!

The wealthy will know the words,

"The last shall be first and the first shall be last".

Either do good works or get out of the way!

This world belonged to Satan 2000 years ago.

This world belonged to Satan when Thomas Jefferson was writing his lovely words of freedom while having sex with his slaves.


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