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I have lived in several places of inspiration through the course of my life. Including a dairy farm a ranch and the cold snowy, beautiful town of McCall, Idaho. I find the outdoors an inspiring place to reflect on things that I have taken in such as literature and other media. I enjoy writing and Playing the guitar and piano. I appreciate all forms of art and enjoy drawing/ sketching.

I love animals, esspecially my puffy (not fat) chinchilla Maunzy, I am always glad to see him in the morning (or realize that he has escaped from his cage durring the night to wake me up with a curious nibble on the eyebrows).

Philosaphy, Psychology, and beautifuly crafted writting are my favorite things to read. I love writing about applying many idea's to life and connecting them all together for the bennifit of anyone interested.

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  • Unconditional Love- No Strings Attached

    Unconditional Love- No Strings Attached

    5 years ago

    We've heard that love is an action word. And our culture (influenced by Christianity) tells us that that love should be unconditional. Perhaps we have said the phrase so much it has become cliche and meaningless. I want...