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  • Seth Rogen and Anna Faris should have an early retirement

    Seth Rogen and Anna Faris should have an early retirement

    7 years ago

    After dozens of lame movies from 2 of Hollywood's apparently most forgiven "actors", it's time to give it up guys. I remember Seth in the cult classic Donnie Darko and he was a douche in it. Little did I know that his range didn't go any higher...

  • What Happened in 1985?

    What Happened in 1985?

    7 years ago

    Hello and welcome to 1985. If you were born on this special year, then you will find that some of the best movies from that era were out in this year. And some more you didn't expect. At Mike and Rusty's we have chosen 15 movies from that era and my...

  • What happened in 1998?

    What happened in 1998?

    7 years ago

    What happened in the year 1998? A year that may stand out in a lot of people's mind as an excellent year but many can't explain why. 1998 was a time before the almighty internet widespread availability. I mean it was there but no one knew what to do...

  • Leonardo DiCaprio - Never won an Oscar

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Never won an Oscar

    7 years ago

    Always nominated but never a winner! Dicaprio is easily one of the most overlooked stars in Hollywood. And no matter how hard he tries, there always seems to be someone on the board of the Academy that plain just didn’t like Titanic. Now I...

  • Mel Gibson vs Religion: Legend or Loser Part II

    Mel Gibson vs Religion: Legend or Loser Part II

    7 years ago

    I have come to the conclusion that life is not always what it seems and that we spend our time contradicting ourselves and each other on a daily basis. This article is not against anything, nor for anything, but merely an observation and I hope it...

  • Mel Gibson vs Religion: Legend or Loser? Part I

    Mel Gibson vs Religion: Legend or Loser? Part I

    7 years ago

    Plucked from very obscurity in a low budget independent movie entitled Mad Max, Mel was a down and out school dropout heading for the skids in a deeply sad road ending at a dead end. Mel had no purpose, no faith and no drive. Only anger existed and...

  • The Most Well Known Extra in Hollywood - Tommy Flanagan

    The Most Well Known Extra in Hollywood - Tommy Flanagan

    7 years ago

    The man known as Tommy Flanagan is mainly a supporting actor, but more often than not, has barely uttered a word in the movies he appeared in. He has had an incredible career but many people just don’t know it. He has popped up in great movies...

  • Movie Remakes - Best and Worst Part III

    Movie Remakes - Best and Worst Part III

    7 years ago

    [v. ree-meyk; n. ree-meyk] Show IPAverb, re·made, re·mak·ing, noun verb (used with object) 1. to make again or anew. 2. Movies . to film again, as a picture or screenplay. Remakes can be reboots, rehashes, reworking’s or...

  • 5 very funny movie clips

    5 very funny movie clips

    7 years ago

    Hello everybody. Here is a short list of 5 funny movie scenes that either you have seen or not, love or love to hate, and above all...gives nostalgia from the first moment you saw it. Here is 5 clips from comedy movies I hope you will...

  • Movie Remakes - Best and Worst Part II

    Movie Remakes - Best and Worst Part II

    7 years ago

    Hello everybody and welcome to part 2 of our Hollywood remakes. This section is rather long, so I hope you don’t mind that I have shortened it down to just 4 remakes as I have went a little more in depth with these ones this time. I hope you enjoy...

  • Dream Movie Partnerships

    Dream Movie Partnerships

    7 years ago

    For many years we have been graced with so many great movie partnerships. Some have been funny, and others have been just awesome. In honor of The Expendables 2 coming out soon, I felt I would give my top 4 of dream partnerships in movies. I know...

  • Movie Remakes - Best and Worst - Part I

    Movie Remakes - Best and Worst - Part I

    7 years ago

    Hello everyone! If your anything like me you will have noticed the huge amount of remakes in the last few years and have become annoyed with Hollywood for not thinking of their own ideas. I have thought about this for some time now and I must say...

  • The British Invasion of Hollywood Part I

    The British Invasion of Hollywood Part I

    7 years ago

    Hollywood has been victim to an invasion as of late. This is new wave of British talent starring in movies and TV shows. This is not the newest sensation, but certainly is staggering to know how many stars there are, and how much they have brought to the table. This feature will showcase vintage...

  • Is Pulp Fiction based on the Bible?

    Is Pulp Fiction based on the Bible?

    6 years ago

    First of all, if you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction (what the hell is wrong with you?) there is some spoilers here. But seeing as it was made nearly 20 years ago...oh god has it really been THAT long? You kinda can’t miss the amount of chat about...

  • The Writer/ Director Curse

    The Writer/ Director Curse

    7 years ago

    The Hollywood curse is very real and still killing directors off. The Writer/ Director Curse has affected many great minds, and has been a focus for cinema goers. No-one goes to see a movie from a losing director. And Hollywood knows this. Sadly, for the actors that are caught up in the misfortune...

  • Top 5 Actors we love to hate

    Top 5 Actors we love to hate

    7 years ago

    This is a small list of the actors that really annoy us all. This is Hollywood's top list stars, and some of the most successful artists of our time. But my god they're annoying. This list will document how and why these actors annoy the public, and the reasons. The only thing I can't explain, is...


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