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Hey Hubpages! Mike here. I'm just a guy with some widely varied interests. I have tons of unique and delicious ideas and recipes, as well as some insight and unique views in many other things, from hiking and camping, to gaming and music. I planned to start writing hubs as a way to share my recipes with my friends and whoever else would enjoy, but why limit it there? I'll try and mix it up some, and post whatever is on my mind that I think you'll all enjoy :)

Need Help finding information? Have an idea or request for a recipe? Contact me here, or at buhbuhbainbridge@gmail.com , and I'll see if I can't come up with something for you ^.^

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  • Easy Banana Cream Refrigerator Cake

    Easy Banana Cream Refrigerator Cake

    4 years ago

    Summer is approaching, and this recipe will help keep you cool and satisfy that sweet tooth! Real whipped cream, big banana flavor, and no need to turn on the oven, this will be a family favorite!

  • Personalized Baked Breakfast Bites

    Personalized Baked Breakfast Bites

    5 years ago

    Ahhh, Sunday morning. You've got your Sunday paper, everyone's home from work, or school, or maybe (dare I say?) you just got home from church. Everyone is hungry. But.... Dad Wants something with bacon.... Little...

  • Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies! (Eggless!)

    Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies! (Eggless!)

    5 years ago

    There's no doubt about it. Chocolate Chip cookies are a crowd pleaser. But what if there is no crowds? Its just you.... craving something tasty. Well, Mike to the rescue! Here's a real easy Chocolate chip cookie recipe...

  • Minute Brownies

    Minute Brownies

    5 years ago

    Maybe its late. Maybe you're feeling lazy. Maybe its too hot to put the oven on. But you need something to satisfy that chocolate craving.... Heres a solution bound to feed that sweet tooth. Mike's Minute Brownies. A...

  • Basic Hardtack

    Basic Hardtack

    5 years ago

    Hardtack, among the simplest of breads, and made of just flour, water, and sometimes salt, has remained popular though history due to its resistance to spoiling, very long shelf life, and ease of carrying when on the...

  • Flavoring Hardtack: Lemon Honey

    Flavoring Hardtack: Lemon Honey

    5 years ago

    Hardtack. It's a great, long lasting, filling food, and it couldn't be easier to make. But the biggest complaint I hear is always the same: The Taste. Traditional hardtack is a very dry, hard bread made to last a long...