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The purpose of my writing is mainly to fund solitude and happiness rather than any great literary desire or ambition. (Which given the standard of it is probably a good thing.)

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      • What Google are looking for is:

        What Google are looking for is:

        6 years ago

        From a new post on Google's Webmaster blog:   Would you trust the information presented in this article?Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in...

      • Empire Burlesque

        Empire Burlesque

        8 years ago

        Chris Floyd has got a great (in my opinion) post up on his blog.A quote from it:Go and read it all (Missing link: Dissent, Delusion and Discontent) and then decide: a voice of sanity or another dumb-ass commie?(I don't...

      • An Aston Martin Badged Toyota, Anyone?

        An Aston Martin Badged Toyota, Anyone?

        8 years ago

        It seems Aston Martin have done a deal with Toyota to build the new city car, the Toyota iQ, as an Aston Martin. There is no word on a performance upgrade, just a high class interior.The Aston Martin Cygnet.Do you think...