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I've had the privilege of driving 47 of the lower 48 states in the U.S., cooking for famous people, working with animals, and playing music in front of some great audiences.

Now I'm off on a new adventure. I've returned to the university to study Philosophy, and am using down time to launch my writing career.

I've really made a shift in priorities over the years. I've become less material, less money centric, and have realized the importance of what we do, how we do it, and how important I am to how I feel each day, as opposed to others influencing my state of being.

I've shifted to much simpler modes of living, trying to spend a lot of time in the woods and in nature. Bushcraft, camping, and hiking are some of my favorite activities to the point that they've become more of a lifestyle. The outdoors and back country has become one of the last frontiers of freedom in the world, where there are no cameras watching, no bosses...here, everything is equal.

I've found a new appreciation for learning, and beyond that, learning and thinking. Studying philosophy and practicing critical thinking skills has entirely changed my perception of the world.

Come check out my outdoor adventures:

The Agile Woodsman

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