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I am a 41 yr old businessman. We are distributor for hosiery goods under the name of Hari Om Traders. We are distributors for brands like Prince, Dreams, Kidley, Teenager, Bonjour and Chicken.

My ultimate thought is to do something different in life. Something big.

As a wiseman has said collect the Small, make it large.

Try , try again till you succeed and the success will be with you one day. But. no one can tell you how many miles will you have to go to fulfill your dreams.

While its raining hard, every bird goes to find shelter, whereas Eagle flies high, goes over the clouds to avoid rain, The perblom remains same, but it is the attitude which makes difference,

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  • Royal Empress Tree

    Royal Empress Tree

    22 months ago

    Royal Empress tree is one of the most beautiful and loving trees. Their huge, large heart shaped, fuzzy, big leaves are an architectural thrill and excitement. These majestic and miraculous trees are also known as...

  • Force, work and energy

    Force, work and energy

    3 years ago

    You do different kinds of activities like walking, running, playing games, writing, etc. And you see vehicles like car, scooter, plane,etc. moving from one place to another. They all need force.

  • Teeth and microbes

    Teeth and microbes

    3 years ago

    Clean white shining teeth add charm and beauty to our face. Teeth also give proper shape to our face and help us to speak properly. Teeth also help to chew and eat our food properly.