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The Milkcananime family aims to increase the exposure of Anime, Manga and Japanese Culture through writing articles and creating illustrative works. We desire to contribute to the local and global otaku scene, and increase the level of love people have for anything Japanese!

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  • Mascots of Japan

    Mascots of Japan

    3 years ago

    All things in Japan are cute like the Mascots Kumamon and Domokun. SO who's your favourite Mascot of all time?

  • Japanese Crepes

    Japanese Crepes

    4 years ago

    Originally from Brittany, a region in France, crepes diversified into Eastern Europe, and afterwards brought to Japan in 1976. The trend started from the first crêperie Marion Crepes at Takeshita-Dori Street to now...

  • Top 25 Anime Opening and Ending Song

    Top 25 Anime Opening and Ending Song

    6 months ago

    There is always a Nice and Catchy song for you to listen before the start of the show. This is also one of the reasons why people watch anime as they are attracted by the opening song. After the story ends, there is...

  • Top Favourite Anime Blood Suckers!

    Top Favourite Anime Blood Suckers!

    6 months ago

    Don't you just hate mosquitoes? They are annoying with their constant buzzing in our ears and they are very swift and hard-to-kill monsters. They get bloated on our blood which practically makes us delicious, gigantic,...

  • The Many Kinds Of Anime Love

    The Many Kinds Of Anime Love

    6 months ago

    Did you know that besides putting anime in genres like love, horror or mystery. There is more ways to categorize them as well. Personally, I can further categorizing them in "The Many Kinds of Anime Love". That is what...

  • My Favourite Top 10 Anime Girls

    My Favourite Top 10 Anime Girls

    6 months ago

    In anime, there are many types of girl whom are beautiful. Some are cute while others may be violent. As girls, have you every admire them and wanted to be like them? As for guys, have you ever wished to date with this...

  • Another ,

    Another ,

    6 months ago

    'Another ,' revolves around a girl named Misaki Mei and a transfer student, Sakakibara Kouichi. I can say that this is one of the best horror anime i have seen through the years. This series is not a long one, it only...

  • Top 20 Anime Characters We Love to Hate

    Top 20 Anime Characters We Love to Hate

    3 months ago

    Hated Anime Characters

  • What's your anime hair colour?

    What's your anime hair colour?

    3 years ago

    Every hardcore anime fan would have noticed the use of vibrant hair colours for the various characters in a show. Sometimes a single anime series could even feature more shades of dye colours than a rainbow! But is it...

  • World of Warcraft (Females) Cosplay

    World of Warcraft (Females) Cosplay

    6 months ago

    World of Warcraft (or WOW, for short) is currently the most popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) around. For those who have never heard of it, it's a crazily fun game with breathtaking visuals...

  • Gensomaden Saiyuki

    Gensomaden Saiyuki

    6 months ago

    Ever heard of 'Journey to the West' where a monk, a monkey king, a human pig and a river ogre travels together to the East to deliver Buddhist sutras? One of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature? That...

  • Top 10 Anime Demon Characters

    Top 10 Anime Demon Characters

    14 months ago

    This is an article I wrote about my TEN Favorite Demon (Yokai) Characters, since there are so little demon manga! Everything about Yokai is so fascinating, from their feral instincts to their demon powers. The third...

  • Anime Hair Color

    Anime Hair Color

    6 months ago

    So you have the blondes and redheads aside from the usual brunettes, oh but wait! There's some special and unique hair colors that you will never see in the real life! Well, unless they're wigs or bleached... There's...

  • Clannad


    6 months ago

    the first person that you met on the first day of the school might be the person that will change your life? There will be endless fun and laughter...Friends that you make along the way whom will help u solve your...

  • Best of Vampire Knight Cosplay

    Best of Vampire Knight Cosplay

    5 years ago

    Admit it people. Vampire Knight is reigning as the Top Shoujo manga series of all time. Ask onemanga.com. Created by Matsuri Hino, this series has been going strong since its debut in 2005. That's five years already!...

  • Best of Naruto Cosplay

    Best of Naruto Cosplay

    4 years ago

    Call it over-hyped, bash the characters all you like, but you can't deny that Naruto is one of, if not the most popular manga & anime series around. Yes, the series is still going strong until now, and remains at its...

  • Heart No Kuni No Alice

    Heart No Kuni No Alice

    3 months ago

    Ever wondered what it is like to live in a fantasy world? Heart No Kuni No Alice is a remake of the popular fantasy novel written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Brought to you by...

  • Best Cosplays Ever - Part 2

    Best Cosplays Ever - Part 2

    3 years ago

    Are you ready for the 2nd instalment of Best Cosplay? If you had enjoyed our first Best Cosplay or even participated in the voting poll, you will even relish this 2nd part collection of Cosplayers! Plus we have added...

  • The Gorgeous Girls from Final Fantasy Games

    The Gorgeous Girls from Final Fantasy Games

    3 months ago

    They are the top-of-the-cream beautiful angels. They have big mesmerizing eyes, porcelain complexion, smooth perfect hair. They are always in shape and the clothes they wear are one of a kind. Guys dream of having them...

  • Big Sweet Land

    Big Sweet Land

    6 months ago

    Big Sweet Land machine is commonly found in arcades and allows you to not only get loads of sweets, you get cool giant prizes too! This is one of my favourite machines in the arcade (easily attracted to the prizes!) as...

  • Best Cosplays Ever

    Best Cosplays Ever

    6 months ago

    NEW POLL! 1) Which country are you from? 2) Your Facebook and Twitter so I can be friends with you ^_^ Cosplay, short for costume-roleplaying, is when individuals dress up in elaborate costumes and accessories, with...

  • Kuroshitsuji


    4 years ago

    This manga series is done solely by Yana Toboso. Kuroshitsuji shows the life of 12 year old Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian during the Victorian-age England. There is practically nothing that this butler...