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Hi, my name is Milla. It is one of the things that my mom and dad could agree on seeing as though my father is Ukrainian and my mother is Filipino and the name Milla is common in both languages. It means "cute" in Ukrainian and "melody" in tagolog.

My father and mother met in the Philippines when they were young my dad comes from a rich family and my mom from a rather poor one in Manila so I think I was brought up pretty balanced. Of course I am a bit spoiled because I don't really work other than what I do on the internet and I have a soft spot for people who try to make an honest living.

Mapquest driving directions have never steered me wrong. They have always gotten me where I needed to go without having to drive around for hours on end. I never know where I am going even in my own area, so I utilize mapquest driving directions quite often. It keeps me on time for meetings and whatnot and also saves me money in gas since I can get lost when I use mapquest. I utilize both the online site at home to print off my directions, but when a new destination comes up--I also utilize the mobile app on my iPhone. So, if you want to save time and money then you should definitely start using mapquest.

So while I do not have a lot of money, I do make enough to sustain life and when I really want something like a Coach purse, I work extra hard and save my pennies until I can get it. Though sometimes it takes a little longer to acquire seeing as though I almost inevitably end up spending my money on supporting those who are less fortunate and at times I suffer the same consequence so it all goes without saying.

One of the most popular mapping systems in the world, mapquest driving directions strives to give users a clear idea of where they are going, no matter where they are in the world. With locations mapped literally the world over, it does not matter where you are in the world, you can find directions or a destination using mapquest driving directions.

Perhaps the best feature of mapquest driving directions is the Street View option. Google has taken specially made vans and driven them around the world, proving images entire cities. This way, not only will a person know where they are going, they will know exactly what the building looks like. With this, a person can be confident when traveling to a new city or a new destination that they will find what they are looking for quickly.

Mapquest driving directions are also extremely easy to use. Simply type in the address you need and mapquest driving directions will pull that location up. Then, you can type in your starting address can get directions to this location. mapquest driving directions gives the user several options when looking for directions. A person is able to get directions without using highways, for instance, should this person not like driving on the highway. It can also give the user walking directions and public transit directions. This way, if a person wants to save money on gas or simply get some exercise while running an errand, they will find the best route.

These features have made mapquest driving directions the preferred choice for most people when looking for directions. Their mobile app is also extremely easy to use, allowing a person to get directions on the fly using their GPS to get up to the second directions. With mapquest driving directions, a person can feel confident they will never get lost again.

Some people may see me as very superficial but hey, these boobs are real. I am not ashamed of what I have and I do flirt...a lot for that matter. I figure it is harmless for the most part except for cases where I incidentally flirt with another girls man and they don't take it too well when I say, "you may want to check yo' man cause he obviously wasn't thinking of you when he returned the gesture." Been called a few names for that too, but all is fair in love and war.

So I heard about hubpages from my friend Misha, but Misha my dear don't be jealous, I think Eric Guardin is a hunk! Anyways, I am 35 years young; I have a boyfriend, but don't tell my boyfriend that. Besides that my only other interest is driving. I cannot get enough of it even though the Ticket Nazi's want me to conform to the speed limit.

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      Yay! One hundred fans!

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      Thank you so much!I appreciate a lot the warm welcome I received here on Hubpages!And stay tuned for my next hub, it just takes a bit longer than I expected

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      Hello everybody!I am new here, and I am enjoying the place immensly! What a wealth of information and fun! I am reading and commenting and having all kinds of fun poking around.Since I am new to the system, I do have...