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Miranda is a professional blogger and writer with a wide variety of interests. She enjoys playing with her husband, Josh, and their son Gavin. She also writes on personal finance issues for AllBusiness.com, and on science news for PhysOrg.com.

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  • Mistakes That Increase Your Chances of a Tax Audit

    Mistakes That Increase Your Chances of a Tax Audit

    10 years ago

    When it comes to the IRS, there is no way to completely audit-proof your life. You can, however, protect yourself and reduce your tax audit chances. There are three key mistakes that people make when preparing their tax...

  • Christian Financial Ministries

    Christian Financial Ministries

    10 years ago

    In today's world, many people are seeking financial planning from a Christian perspective. There are many financial service options with a Christian outlook. These are often known as Christian financial ministries....

  • Different Types of Debt Management

    Different Types of Debt Management

    10 years ago

    If you find yourself deep in debt, it is usually a sign that some measure of debt management is in order. Debt management is an umbrella term that covers a variety of methods for getting debt under control and working...