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Welcome to Miss M's page. I shake you warmly by the hand.

It has been 2 years since I first joined HubPages. I was immature, wanting to publish before i was 15 because i saw a documentary where a boy who was home schooled had published a triology at 14. I was angry and wanted to spite him. But...

A lot has happened in those two years. I had a new sister. I started my GCSEs. and managed to get an A in Bengali GCSE (even when I write dark house in a question *dakgor where gor is house so i thought hey dark house* when it was supposed to be post office!

I first gave up on Target 13 - and deleted about 60 A4 pages of work and decided to concentrate on my schoolwork. In June 2011, I had a revelation. One of my main characters from Target 13 - Shadow Lament was standing at the bus stop. I thought I was going crazy, but the character said to me 'Start again. This time it will be better than you think.'

So I started again. New characters. New everything. Before, target 13 had a mafia. I scrapped that idea after realising i had no idea about mafias.

Everything about the Arcanes flooded into my mind. Who were they? What are their abilites? Why did soeciet hate them so much? Where are they in history? The Arcanes are collectively three kinds of people: Sleepers, Awakeners and Dreamers. But that will all be revealed!!

And then, the character's names.

Sansby Oasis became Thomas Landew. I fleshed out everything I kewn about Tom. What he looked like, why he felt guilty about what he had done, who his parents are, where he lived, you knwo the usual etc.

Shibboleth Shire stayed the same - i got the inspiration from two words at the top of my school email link. But in the story, there is a definite turn for the reader's understanding for her.

marielle Watson's name came from my friend's surname Watson and a girl in my french class's name Marielle. Marielle's character is a little based on me - hahaha! She is not your stereotypical head over heels girl. her and genevieve are very take-the-matters-in-your-hands- kind of girls. I didn't want Marielle to be like a bella swan character - fawning over a perfect boy. Of course, Tom is good looking and so is henry, but they both have significant flaws.

I also thoght about other characters. Thomas needed to have a reason for killing Marielle. I introduced a antagonist - Shadow Lament - an anagram from Thomas Landew. Everybody has a dark side, and in this case, Tom had one that was part of him. Tom also meets fellow womanizer and head boy henry darcy - who later becomes a good friend and Marielle's best friend Genevieve (nickname Vivi) Holmes. Ariana Lee - her surnmae is from one of my friends and the headteacher at middleton school - Headmistress Banks - the surname is from one my friends too. Mr Marsh, Tom's form tutor, is in fact, an actual person in real life - he is my form tutor but he doesn't mind that i have used him in book.

I have taken surnames from popular books such as Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) and Watson (Sherlock Holmes and friends name), Darcy (pride and prejudice), Bingley (pride and prejudice also) and there are some comical elements - sometimes i have included what the characaters are thinking too! as well as action and suspense. I have also decided to make a spoof of Justin Bieber (so-called pop star sensation) to a effeminate beret wearing Justin Beaver and for Selena Gomez (another so called pop sensation) to a girl who smiles too much called Selena Gonzalez. They both work for the magazine called Never Say Never (get it?)

The school where Tom goes to is called Middleton school. I swear I wrote the name of the school before Prince Wills and Kate got hitched - no kidding.

Not only is there the conflict between Thomas choosingbetween freeing his father and his love for Marielle. there are many twists and turns in target 13. And trust me, if someone else takes my work and publishes it - they won't know what's hit them so please feel free to read but don't copy. Also, any constructive criticism is helpful too!

I have always enjoyed writing when I was little. My first ever story was called 'The ginger and the garlic'. It was about two best friends and how they have to survive during the turmoils of the people in the kitchen. My family laughed when I read it out to them.

By the way, I am a teenager, so please don't stereotype me. (age 16 and counting)

One day, I want my story Target 13 to be published. But I am still dreaming. And I will keep on dreaming. maybe i'll give up, one day, i'll never know. And maybe you'll see it on the bookshelves someday.

I am a newbie, so please help me improve my work. I hope you like my hubs. And please read target 13's fist chapter! And thanks to my fans who enjoy my work!

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