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MissMerFaery is a published author, online writer and home educating, work-at-home mum of two. On Squidoo she is the "Little Crafty Kids" Contributor, a Giant Squid 100 and retired Squid Angel who has received 57 Purple Star awards, and won Lens of the Day 8 times, for Polymer Clay Tools I Can't Live Without, Melting Pot Art, Cooking with Herbs and Spices, How to Feed Birds in Winter, Fall Soup for the Kitchen Witch, 101 Best Baked Potato Toppings, Argo, Trusty Warrior Steed, and Should I Buy the Infantino Flip Baby Carrier? She writes about everything from children's activities, crafts, toys and parties, to home cooking, home decor, arts and crafts, spirituality, environmental issues and books. For easy browsing of all her lenses by category, check out her Lensography or visit her 10 Newest Lenses. A former school library manager and sound engineer, MissMerFaery is now a writer living in Cheshire, England with her fiance, 4-year-old daughter and baby son.

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  • Plastic Bottle Crafts: How to Make a Bottle Boat

    Plastic Bottle Crafts: How to Make a Bottle Boat

    18 months ago

    Try this cheap, easy, fun craft for kids. You'll be all set with step-by-step instructions and photos to help!

  • Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a Time Costume

    Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a Time Costume

    2 years ago

    Love OUAT? This is an epic costume that will express that.

  • Midnight Margaritas!

    Midnight Margaritas!

    4 years ago

    If you're a fan of the film Practical Magic then you'd no doubt love to make Midnight Margaritas just like the aunts make for Sally and Gilly! You can make these delicious homemade margaritas for a themed party or simply for fun! Homemade midnight...

  • Make a Jacob's Ladder

    Make a Jacob's Ladder

    6 years ago

    How do you fancy making a moving papercraft project? If you want to create something unusual as a gift or toy, then look no further than a Jacob's Ladder! This is one of my most favorite craft projects to make, as it looks so effective and yet is...

  • 50 Recipes for Tortilla Wraps

    50 Recipes for Tortilla Wraps

    11 months ago

    Bored of your daily sandwiches? This huge range of recipes for tortilla wraps will ensure your lunches will never be boring again! Perfect for kids' lunchboxes or a tasty meal at home, you'll find all kinds of ideas for tortilla fillings right here...

  • Timmy Time Cake

    Timmy Time Cake

    5 years ago

    Want a Timmy Time cake for your child's birthday? Look no further! Find Timmy Time cake ideas, lots of pictures of creative cakes to inspire you, cake supplies, Timmy Time cake toppers and lots more! Make your Timmy Time party the talk of the...

  • The Best Homemade Vanilla Custard Recipe

    The Best Homemade Vanilla Custard Recipe

    7 months ago

    Learn how to make a delicious vanilla custard from scratch. It's easier than you think!

  • Lucy Lawless in Concert

    Lucy Lawless in Concert

    6 years ago

    Find out all about actress Lucy Lawless in concert - her music and her gigs! If you're familiar with the fantasy TV series from the 1990's, Xena: Warrior Princess, or the more recent hit TV show Spartacus: Blood and Sand, then you'll know Lucy...

  • Save Our Libraries - Stand Up Against Library Closures!

    Save Our Libraries - Stand Up Against Library Closures!

    11 months ago

    Save Our Libraries! This page brings you the latest news and updates on the worrying threat to UK public libraries - library closures, and looks at why libraries are just so important, as well as explaining why we can't let them go without a fight! ...

  • Should Celebrities Talk Politics?

    Should Celebrities Talk Politics?

    12 months ago

    Do celebrities and politics mix? Should famous people actively voice their political opinions, or keep them to themselves? Have your say with this interactive page asking should celebrities talk politics? With more and more global issues coming to...

  • Squidoo Topics and How to Use Them!

    Squidoo Topics and How to Use Them!

    5 years ago

    Squidoo Topics can help your lens get found! But with literally thousands of topics, subtopics and even sub-subtopics, what to do with them all? What does it mean for your lenses? Where should they go? Do you care?? Well, you should! As well as...

  • Raven Symbolism, Lore & Mythology

    Raven Symbolism, Lore & Mythology

    11 months ago

    Learn about the lore of the raven - bird of mystery, magic and omens both good and bad. Raven symbolism is rich and plentiful, with a plethora of raven mythology, raven lore and raven superstitions available from a wealth of cultures. The raven...

  • What Do REAL Witches Do at Halloween? Samhain Ritual & Custom

    What Do REAL Witches Do at Halloween? Samhain Ritual & Custom

    4 years ago

    What do real witches do for Halloween? Well, we don't ride out on broomsticks for starters. Although I wish we did... that would be kinda cool. Far from scaring the living daylights out of the locals, or casting ghoulish spells on our unruly...

  • Jed the Movie Dog

    Jed the Movie Dog

    6 years ago

    Jed the wolf dog is the much-loved star of the films White Fang and The Journey of Natty Gann. He is part wolf and part Alaskan Malamute. Jed starred in three films, but is best known for portraying White Fang in the film of the same name, starring...

  • The Littlest Hobo

    The Littlest Hobo

    6 years ago

    The Littlest Hobo is a wonderful Canadian TV series starring a German Shepherd named London. It follows the life of a stray dog who wanders from adventure to adventure, Lassie-style, but who always remains owner-less and moves on at the end of each...

  • MissMerFaery's Lensography

    MissMerFaery's Lensography

    11 months ago

    Welcome to my lensography, where you can find all of my Squidoo lenses by category, plus my award-winning lenses, my "blessed by a Squid Angel" lenses, and a thing or two about little old moi as well, from my Squidoo story, to why I write the lenses...

  • How to Display Cupcakes: Cute Ways to Present and Serve your Cupcakes!

    How to Display Cupcakes: Cute Ways to Present and Serve your Cupcakes!

    12 months ago

    Find out how to display cupcakes in the best possible way, with this complete guide to cupcake stands, tiers, holders and more, along with tons of imaginative ideas for presenting your little baked creations! Picture this... You've just made the...

  • Psychedelic Mushrooms and Other Fabulous Feasts by Heston Blumenthal

    Psychedelic Mushrooms and Other Fabulous Feasts by Heston Blumenthal

    12 months ago

    Heston's Feasts, an addictive cookery show with a difference on Channel 4 in the UK, is a must for anyone who loves loves to have fun with food. Heston Blumenthal is a British chef and an OBE to boot, and in my opinion, an utter genius! Some may...

  • Argo, Trusty Warrior Steed!

    Argo, Trusty Warrior Steed!

    4 years ago

    Argo is the beloved Palomino horse belonging to Xena, Warrior Princess. Through thick and thin this talented steed, played mainly by a horse called Tilly, is there for Xena whenever she needs her. Carrying Xena into battle accompanied by that...

  • Little Apple Dolls - Welcome to the In-between

    Little Apple Dolls - Welcome to the In-between

    4 years ago

    This page is all about Little Apple Dolls, how to collect them and where to find them. Little Apple Dolls are a series of cult dolls created by artist Ufuoma Urie. Both eerie and beautiful at once, the dolls are each essentially alike but dressed...

  • Waybuloo Yogo - Fun Yoga for Tots!

    Waybuloo Yogo - Fun Yoga for Tots!

    6 years ago

    Waybuloo is a sweet TV show for pre-schoolers, created for the BBC's CBeebies channel. During each episode the characters, called Piplings, gather at an ancient Yogo Machine to do "yogo" - a form of yoga. Some of their moves are based on real yoga...

  • How to Attract Fairies to your Garden | Bring Fairies into your Backyard!

    How to Attract Fairies to your Garden | Bring Fairies into your Backyard!

    5 years ago

    Do you want to know how to attract fairies to your garden? I love looking for fairies and have been blessed with the ability to commune with them for many years now. So when I moved into my own house, I was determined to create a beautiful fairy...

  • How to See and Communicate With Fairies in Your Garden

    How to See and Communicate With Fairies in Your Garden

    22 months ago

    Do you wish to invite fairies into your garden to observe and visit with? Look here for tips on how to attract and find the Wee folk in your own backyard!