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Most call me weird, but original. I am also perceived as eclectic, creative, and different. People will disregard, condemn, and surpress what they can't understand. The inner fear of deviating from the status quo does that. And so, I look beyond the walls of a topic, or a concept, and project it through my inner idiological creative constructs with boundaries unbound.

I am nothing less than my true creative self. Embracing my originality with humble repose.

Be not a puppet, but the mover of your own strings. We feel, therefore we think. Think for yourself. Our voice is for expression, not suppression.

My thinking of mankind, nature, and the existential is influenced by the following two great people of concept and logic:

George Orwell, who once wrote: "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."

Plato, who once wrote: "Those who are able to see past the shadows and lies of their culture, will never be understood. Let alone believed by the masses."

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    Banana Love

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    5 months ago

    This is my interpretation of the emotional control of people in society that's psychologically engrained in the subconscious through social and material control by reinforcement of media influence.

  • The Running Maid

    The Running Maid

    16 months ago

    We speak of a better life, but when an opportunity presents itself, more often than not, the change we seek attainment of, is the perpetual fear of change. Caged, we roar. Scars tell stories; do tell.