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Douchebag … Nincompoop ... Blockhead ...
Imprudent ... Reluctant ... Lethargic ... No No No ... None Of These!

Apart from loving horse riding and swimming I am an internet bug indeed. I love to search technology, creativity and hilarious kind of stuff. My interested topics of search are Hydroponics/Aquaponics, Livestock, Homemade stuff/experiments, Solar/Free Energy, Kitchen Gardening, Travelling, Health and Fitness, I love to write my experiences and do share with others.

I am really food and health conscious. I am famous for my aesthetic sense and managerial skills among my people. I love to help others and try to compensate them.

So all of you guys and gals…..and those kids in the diaper…do not follow my door steps but my mixedfruit4u HubPages:)…..Good Luck!

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