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Mango lover. Wide hips. Wide dreams. Dreams so wide, it sometimes takes a rainbow to get to the other side. Aspires to be a less fear-driven version of herself.

Collects: pebbles, the sticky labels on apples...

Likes: the sound of a beard being scratched - of crunchy food being eaten,
the smell of Brut, long bus rides, watching worms come out when it rains, watching people (the poet in me).

Dislikes: oysters, elitism, rude bus drivers.

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  • How to Write a Name Poem...

    How to Write a Name Poem...

    3 years ago

    Writing a name poem for someone is a great way of celebrating who they are. There's also something very special about creating something for someone yourself. Sometimes, it can mean a lot more than buying a gift from a...