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May we never stop learning.

It took us a long time to realize that someday never comes.

Our dream to become a writer and publish our pictures and stories came alive with the Internet.

Up until then we let all of the rejection notices turn us into salesman.

Into customer service representatives and retail employees.

even before that we were secretaries and receptionists always practicing her writing skills and the formalities but not pursuing a dream as a lifestyle.

Raised our children, learning about life along the way.

Now we're getting serious about writing. We like the idea of photo journalism. We are finding in our writing career to narrow down our interests into hobbies. A productive word.

Join us if you'd like to see how a former squid kid is growing to be a Hub writer, author and photographer.

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  • Easy Spencer Steak Meal

    Easy Spencer Steak Meal

    7 weeks ago

    The Spencer steak has many other names. Beauty, market, ribeye, Delmonico, and even Scotch filet. For many people, this cut is perfect for broiling. Ribbons of marbling create a tasty choice.

  • What Would You Do Without A Computer?

    What Would You Do Without A Computer?

    3 years ago

    Our Link to the World, it is how we keep in touch. Are you happy with what you got? Always updating with the latest technology? What software is your favorite? Do you own a lap top? Smart phone? Desktop?