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I just simply love to write and so thankfully came across this community.

I have been a huge football fan for the past ten years.I read various articles and blogs on football issues etc..I also like to write about it as i believe i understand the sports very well and have more than enough knowledge about it in order to be able to write about it and share my views with others.

I will also be writing articles and blogs on a variety of topics that can captivate an audience and be attractive and convincing to the readers.

To sum it up i write everything from my the bottom of my heart,things i believe in and not for any other purpose due to the fact that i just simply love to write! Hopefully you will like the content which i will keep on publishing in the next few months.

My interests include soccer,music,travelling around the world to name a few and love desserts especially choclate ones!!

If you like what you read in my hubs,do follow me back.

You can also follow me on:

Google+ https://plus.google.com/109868448259257495890/posts and https://twitter.com/Mmsu07

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