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~Typical Thirty-Something, Portland-local Geek-Dad, Military, Art, Movie, Music, Writing, PC Game, and of course, Computer Enthusiast. Born in Chicago, raised in Minnesota -bearing jeans and flannels I look conservative and average to others, I'm sure -but to myself, I feel I am an artist, and look at the world from a different perspective than most people would presume. I thought I was fairly wise about life, but I have made terrible choices, I've also been lucky with a few. I can usually see the hidden truths in others, but am frequently amazed at their capability for randomness. I am good at reading people, but not seeing my own flaws.

I want to someday pursue my childhood goals of cinematography, and working with film, painting art, and writing, AND playing music, but I am also pulled by my military, government job, and family obligations. I consider myself a 'deep' person forced into the constraints of mundane normalcy. I love to laugh, and think a sense of humor is what keeps people happy when times are hard. I love art history and WW2 history and aviation and reading and watching artistic movies and learning whenever I can get the chance at school. I also am a big PC gamer. So I must learn to balance a bit more...

I am excited to begin my online writing career/hobby by exploring all that HubPages has to offer! Thanks to all who answer my questions and help this noob figure out his way around the site.

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My random thoughts blog: http://mobias.blogspot.com

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