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I am the 30 year old mother to 4 Amazing children. I have been lucky enough to have found a good balance between being a Woman and a Mom! Yes my kids are a good chunk of my life but I matter too!!!

After being dianosed with Fibromyalgia my world became clearer. And it was confirmed that I was not a crazy, Lazy Confused person and that there was a reason for my symptoms. Since then I have gotten many tools and tips to dealing with the simptoms of Fibromyalgia. It is now something I am passonate about! Invisable Disabilitys are real!

I was a Fashion Design Major in school who transended into Teaching. I am a Jack of All trades and Master of a Few. But I will never give up and never stop growing!

I Love SanDiego and all this Beautiful City has to offer. Though I have lived in Arizona and Mexico I always find my way back to SD!

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